Final Notice! cover artwork by Shaun Friesen
Final Notice! cover artwork by Shaun Friesen


Brooklyn psychedelic rock and roll visionary Lord Sonny the Unifier‘s debut full-length album “FINAL NOTICE!” is available everywhere now. LSTU’s unique brand of biker psychedelia and earnest rock lyrics should please fans of classic Bowie (read Eli Jace’s article on celebrating David Bowie or his blackstar review), Motorhead and the Clash.

From the artist:

We receive FINAL NOTICE! right before all that remains is taken away. It is the bright orange letters we get in the mail after many previous warnings. This album is a rebellion against greed and injustice. It is a rebellion against corruption and lack of empathy. It’s a rebellion for the high and limitless potential of our inner selves – for our miraculous surroundings that inspire and uplift us all.

The album is bolstered by some brilliant visuals, the most recent being the otherworldly anthem “First in Space”. “First in Space” is the third single from #FINALNOTICE! “First In Space” is also the conclusion to BD Pironti’s #SpacebikerTrilogy. Watch below.

Watch “The Starman”.

Watch “Right In Your I”.

Response to the album:

“A fresh take on modern day garage rock.”
– Joe Hughes,

“Revolutionary rock ‘n’ roll.”
– My Nguyen, The Celebrity Cafe

“FINAL NOTICE! demands your full attention the way music once did”
– Bill Turuk, Playtime with Bill Turck & Kerri Kendall

“They use 2019 technology to make 1979 sound even better!”
– Michael, Monoblogue

“Cool, swaggering and gritty streetwise vibe.”
– Bill Kopp, Musoscribe Magazine

“Lord Sonny the Unifier is ahead of the game.”
– Jessica Golich, Life Beyond The Music

#Wilco#Nirvana#Soundgarden#TheSmashingPumpkins, and #TomPetty all come to mind when listening to Lord Sonny.” 
– This Is Not The Radio

“Combines a retro feel and aesthetics in a sophisticated musical package.”
– Anya Wassenberg, Art and Culture Maven

“Keeps you listening until the very end.”
– Elocinting

“Showcases an exciting musical approach to the golden age of guitar rock.”
– Jake Tully, MOXIPOP

“Brooklyn-based outfit follow in the footsteps of Tom Waits.”
– Chris Bound, Mystic Sons

“Meshes a glam-friendly rock attitude with classic rock ‘n’ roll.”
–Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

“There’s a strong psychedelic element to the harmonics, full of shimmering, phantasmagorical hues and baying accents.”
-Randall Radic, @Tattoo


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