Sounding like an act inspired by the likes of The Black Keys and….heavy metal?, Los Angeles up-and-coming act Symphony gave me 3 doses of sexually charged rock n’ roll with their track “So Sweet (Ride On)”. In case you didn’t know, all that’s required is a single dose. Here’s a band with real machismo, and I for one, appreciate that. The double vocal screams of passion add to the charge of this beast. The most notable aspect of Symphony’s music is a turbo charged 60’s and 70’s influence – like a symbiosis of Jefferson Airplane and Black Sabbath. The guitars and grooves here are raging and Briton Sky’s lead vocals have genuine swagger and personality. You’d have to be an indie pop snob or a straight laced commercial music/background music fan not to get on board. Need to REALLY move your feet?

Listen to Symphony’s latest creation at their Reverbnation and support the band. You may get the rock, but you’re unlikely to hear this kind of ROLL from many other sources this year. And that’s my word, ladies and gentlemen.

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