Los Angeles Indie Rock Band Petty Human Emotions Shine on Haunting, Melancholic Debut Album

Los Angeles Indie Rock Band Petty Human Emotions

Los Angeles Indie Rock Band Petty Human Emotions craft an unabashedly raw and vulnerable sound on melancholic, deeply affecting self-titled debut album “Petty Human Emotions”, out May 19 on streaming platforms. Right out of the gate, the band set the haunting tone on atmospheric lead track “Something New”, and it’s immediately clear this will be a disarmingly honest and emotionally charged ride. Fans of Indie Rock and Alternative bands like Dinosaur JrRadiohead and Nirvana should enjoy this decidedly underground-sounding yet meticulously crafted release. Lyrically, the album explores universal human emotions that often go unshared, and Petty Human Emotions lean into this, making it one of their greatest strengths, along with their atypical, lo-fi musical approach that flies in the face of rampant over-production. It’s the type of album where the stark, acoustic tracks feel just as home as the electrified rock numbers.

Project founded James Nardiello opens up on the origins and themes of the album: “This is a collection of songs that share a tone and a feeling more than anything else. The feeling at the forefront of this project is simple melancholy, longing and loneliness. I felt inspired to include instruments that aren’t typical of the rock genre or to use them in ways that may be unconventional to experiment and execute this. The songs are all tied together musically and thematically in a more abstract way than I had previously written records.”

Los Angeles Indie Rock Band Petty Human Emotions
“Petty Human Emotions” was produced and engineered by Max Dickenson. Look out for it on streaming services May 19th.

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