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Los Angeles Music Promotion

Los Angeles Music Promotion Markets Your Music Throughout the World

Independent Music Promotions is a leader in Los Angeles music promotion, music marketing and music PR services. As an artist, you should be concentrating on what you do best – creating unique and innovative “music with depth”. As your music PR company, we do what we do best – promoting you and your music in both traditional print and cutting-edge digital media. We are proud to represent talented artists from all music genres. We believe that musicians who take risks with unique and innovative sounds deserve to be presented to the worldwide stage.

We Deliver more recognition to all of our artists

I.M.P’s Los Angeles electronic group The Devine Xperience

I.M.P’s Los Angeles electronic group The Devine XperienceOur goal is to deliver more recognition to all of our artists by delivering quality press in prominent publications. We target popular local and national media which guarantees that our artists receive the most significant and relevant coverage. Press serves as “social proof”, lending outside verification to your music from respected tastemakers.

Solid relationships with respected publications

Since our founding in 2010, Independent Music Promotions has successfully built solid relationships with renowned and respected Los Angeles music publications and blogs. We also work closely with national and international blogs who regularly feature inventive underground artists to recommend to their audiences. With our “music with depth” niche, our contacts receive only the best artists. This generates more results through consistency and trust. Los Angeles is a challenging city to gain recognition. Its media gatekeepers often look to national music authorities and blogs in order to determine who “the next big thing” is. That is why our vision and approach extends beyond the local markets. We promote you anywhere that you’re likely to get coverage.

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"Beyond an advocate."
"Beyond an advocate."
The Devine Xperience | Los Angeles / EDM + Dubstep

"We know that we never would be where we are today without Independent Music Promotions. James is extremely professional, organized, and if you are lucky enough for him to accept your project, he is genuinely an advocate for your music on a level that is unheard of for a PR company in our experience."

"Far exceeded my expectations."
"Far exceeded my expectations."
Blunda | Los Angeles / Pop

"When I was preparing the release of my second EP I was looking for a much different result and experience than I had with my first. Which was basically, no result at all! I found James Moore and he far exceeded my expectations. He knows the landscape of the media and blogs and understands what it’s like to be an independent artist in todays music biz."

"Apt and insightful."
"Apt and insightful."
Particle Wave | Los Angeles / Psych Rock

"After many long years of bad choices and wasted money, we finally stumbled across a service that delivered far beyond our expectations. The media coverage was exceptional. The press pieces were apt and insightful. Not only did they provide ample material for us to grow our marketing efforts, they also conveyed wonderful criticism that will ultimately help us improve as a band."








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