“Welcome to the afterlife.”

Fans of Lamb of God, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Threat Signal and other groove driven heavy metal bands with find a lot to enjoy in Soul Sanctuary’s new album as well as their lead single “Afterlife” which has been gaining huge traction lately with well over 35,000 views on YouTube already.  The band have supported Sonic Syndicate, Blowsight, Esoterica & Dave McPherson as well as being covered on Metal Hammer and Total Guitar. Hard work pays off, doesn’t it?

Soul Sanctuary show elements of all their influences proudly but also crave their own niche in the metal world. The musicianship is intact and the vocals range from guttural screams and growls to some very smartly done layers of harmony.

They are getting generally good reviews from the metal world thus far, and as a metal fan myself, I can give Soul Sanctuary the thumbs up. Soul Sanctuary are definitely firing on all cylinders and prove themselves a worthy addition to the metal lexicon. Props to their choice of keeping the extremely long scream going after the song closes out. This is belligerence at it’s best and it’s a part of music that more typical bands don’t attempt to use.

Buy Soul Sanctuary’s new album “Afterlife” now at their official website.

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