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Underground or On Top: You Decide Where Your Metal Music Promotion Takes You

Independent Music Promotions works tirelessly to maintain our reputation as the leading metal music promotion company worldwide. We carefully choose only artists with a unique sound who are willing to risk it all to be original. Our client roster is filled with musicians who embody the spirit of our “music with depth” philosophy.

Vile Display of Humanity Metal Music Promotion Client

Vile Display of Humanity – IMP Metal Music Promotion Artist

Metal Music Promotion is Calculated & Unrelenting

Independent Music Promotions works closely with all of our artists. We consider our clients’ goals and then carefully map out a promotional campaign to attain them.

We have been successfully promoting musicians and bands since 2011. During that time, we have forged solid relationships with industry-leading print and new media outlets. We use all our weapons at our disposal to generate the proper buzz and coverage for your band to connect with your potential audience.

Metal Music Promotion is Your Anthem to Success

Our metal music roster is made up of acts from all around the world. Each of our clients benefits from the high quality press and promotion we create for them. We are so confident of the metal music PR we can generate for you that we guarantee our results.

Our metal music promotion clients include the following acts:

Winter Calling (Progressive Metal) (U.S.A)

Vajra (Alternative Metal) (U.S.A)

Armonite (Instrumental Rock/Prog Metal) (Italy)

Chameleon Technology (Industrial Rock/Metal) (U.S.A)

Vile Display of Humanity (Thrash Metal) (U.S.A)

The Oxford Coma (Alternative Metal/Crossover) (U.S.A)

S.N.A.F.U (U.S.A) (Hardcore/Thrash Metal/Punk) (U.S.A)

The Gabriel Construct (Progressive Metal) (U.S.A)

He Is Me (Industrial Metal) (Canada)

Saint Blasphemer (Alternative Metal) (U.S.A)

Sterile Jets (Noise Rock, Old School Metal) (U.S.A)

Whale Fall (Instrumental Metal/Post-Rock) (U.S.A)

The Long Dark Road (Hardcore, Punk, Black Metal) (Canada)

Broken Guru (Alternative/Stoner Metal (U.S.A)

CalatrilloZ (London, UK)

AUG (Hard Rock, Heavy Metal) (U.S.A)

Heylel (Portugal)

Unfathomed of Abyss (U.S.A)

Vulture Kult (Punk Metal) (Canada)

We are only interested in professional artists who are willing to devote every last drop of blood, sweat and time into their craft. If you are that person with a professionally produced demo, we are interested in being your metal music promotion company!

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