Morning Fame is a Toronto-based rock band with a hint of indie pop and 80’s flair.

Their song¬†“Something On My Mind” begins with a shimmering build up leading right into a brightly lit verse showing their pop rock elements in it’s fullest.

Yet It would be interesting to hear them add in just a hint more of an aggressive undertone and dial back the pop brush a few strokes to expose a little more depth. This is something they should consider down the road, as it could really help to thicken up their sound leading to a much stronger effect in the end.

A little less pop. A lot more rock.

But the positive light coming through on this song seems to allow you to over look that one oversight because there is a “feel good” vibe going on here. I can see that being good for the spirits of many looking for a new rock/pop band filled with a straight forward, catchy sound to unwind to. Morning Fame could bring a little of that light into your day.

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