Mr. Bungle and Oingo Boingo Fans Will Love Bad Sneakers

Mr. Bungle and Oingo Boingo fans will love Bad Sneakers. Las Vegas Funk and LoFi project Bad Sneakers deliver devilishly strange and wondrous musical eccentricities on Satanism-themed new album “Tanooki Suit”. An anonymous, conceptual artist heavy on mythology, Bad Sneakers position themselves as freedom fighters dedicated to Soleism, the belief that ‘the journey of life was represented by the path one took, and that one’s sneakers, or soles, were a symbol of that path.’ Musically, this artist’s schizophrenic sound should appeal to fans of Oingo Boingo and Mr. Bungle.

“This album is inspired by the tenets of the Satanic Temple, with strong themes around Satan, Anarchy, Vintage Video Games and Anime.” – Bad Sneakers

“Tanooki Suit” will be released April 7 on streaming platforms.

Artist Biography: 

Back Story:
In the dimension known as Etherea, a powerful entity known as the Directorate had taken control of every aspect of society. They controlled the government, the media, and the minds of the people, using their twisted interpretation of religion to maintain their power. But a group of brave freedom fighters, known as the Bad Sneakers, refused to accept this oppressive regime and fought tirelessly to restore freedom and justice to their dimension.

Led by their fearless leader, a young woman named Lucifer, the Bad Sneakers practiced a unique methodology known as Soleism. They believed that the journey of life was represented by the path one took, and that one’s sneakers, or soles, were a symbol of that path. Their dedication to this philosophy gave them the strength and resilience needed to stand up against the Directorate and fight for their freedom.

For years, the Bad Sneakers engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Directorate, striking at their infrastructure and spreading the word of Soleism to those willing to listen. They used their sneakers as a symbol of their resistance, painting the soles with their emblem of labyrinth, a symbol of the journey you must tread.

Project Standing Against Tyranny And  Neo-fascism (SATAN) was launched as the final attack on The Directorate.  The Bad Sneakers launched a surprise attack on The Directorate’s main stronghold on Etherea, with the goal of dismantling their oppressive systems of power and freeing the people from their tyrannical grip.

The attack was led by the squad’s leader, Ace, who had been planning the operation for months. He had gathered intelligence on The Directorate’s activities and identified their weaknesses, which he used to launch a coordinated attack on their facilities and personnel.

The attack began with a small team of Bad Sneakers agents infiltrating The Directorate’s main headquarters, using advanced technology and stealth tactics to evade detection. They were able to bypass the building’s security measures and plant explosives at key points throughout the facility.

At the same time, a larger group of Bad Sneakers agents launched a full-scale assault on The Directorate’s military and security forces, engaging them in a series of intense firefights and sabotage operations.

The Bad Sneakers used their mastery of Soleism to outmaneuver and outflank The Directorate’s forces, moving quickly and decisively to strike at their vulnerabilities. They used their training in hand-to-hand combat and advanced weaponry to overcome The Directorate’s more heavily armed and armored troops, taking them by surprise with lightning-fast strikes and coordinated attacks.

Despite the overwhelming odds against them, the Bad Sneakers were able to seize control of The Directorate’s main stronghold and dismantle their systems of power. They freed the people of Etherea from the grip of The Directorate’s tyranny and established a new system of government based on the principles of freedom, equality, and justice.

Overall, the attack on The Directorate was a testament to the Bad Sneakers’ skill, determination, and commitment to the cause of freedom. They were able to take on one of the most powerful and oppressive organizations in the world and emerge victorious, paving the way for a brighter future for the people of Etherea.

However, in their final battle as the Bad Sneakers brought down the Directorate, the Bad Sneakers were ambushed and trapped. The last thing Lucifer remembered was the feeling of the cold, hard ground beneath her feet as she was bound in chains, shoeless as Paul Dracul and a handful of his elites escaped. The Directorate was delivered a decisive blow, however, The Bad Sneakers spent the next 2000 years in their underground prison, never losing hope or their dedication to Soleism. Finally, they were able to escape and return to their dimension, but they found that the Directorate had moved on to conquer other dimensions, including the one that Earth was in.

When The Directorate arrived on Earth, they quickly realized that they could use organized religion to achieve their goals.

The Directorate set about creating a system of religion that was based on their own interpretation of the divine. They used their resources and influence to spread their beliefs, creating a powerful institution that held sway over the minds and hearts of the people.

At the same time, The Directorate established a system of Patriarchy that ensured that no one individual could ever rise to challenge their authority. They created a rigid hierarchy that placed men in positions of power and authority, while women were relegated to secondary roles and were often denied opportunities for education and advancement.

This system of Patriarchy was designed to prevent the rise of a “Lucifer”, a charismatic and powerful leader who could challenge The Directorate’s control over the people. By creating a society where women were systematically oppressed and silenced, The Directorate was able to maintain its power and ensure that no one would ever be able to challenge their authority.

Over time, The Directorate became more and more entrenched in their power, using their religion and Patriarchal system to maintain control over the masses. They spread their influence across the world, building powerful institutions and silencing any voices of dissent.

Lucifer stayed in Etherea to unwind the damage that The Directorate had inflicted. Her team, including her closest allies, a wiry and nimble man named Zephyr and a stoic and determined woman named Terra, set out on a journey to Earth, determined to free its inhabitants from the tyranny of the Directorate.

Upon arriving on Earth, they quickly learned that the Directorate had enslaved the people through organized religion, using fear and manipulation to control their minds. But they also learned that there was a powerful tool that could break through the Directorate’s hold on people’s hearts and minds – music.

The Bad Sneakers began to perform their music, completely unknown to The Directorate, using it as a tool to inspire hope and resistance in the hearts of the oppressed Earthlings. They traveled the world, performing in secret, spreading the word of Soleism, and igniting a fire in the hearts of the people…

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