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Dario Plevnik Alights TikTok with Meditative Acoustic Guitar

Dario Plevnik Alights TikTok with Meditative Acoustic Guitar Eli Jace features acoustic guitar virtuoso Dario Plevnik. TikTok is not just a vehicle for Kurt Cobain nostalgia, or some place to discover which Cars character you’re most likely to marry. The popular app has slowly turned into an interconnected worldwide open mic, and some musicians are...

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When Your “Kid A Mnesia Scarry Edition” Vinyl Finally Arrives

By ELI JACE > For nine months it was lost at sea. Stuck on a box pile in a shipping container somewhere off-dock in Europe was my copy of Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia — “the Scarry Edition.” Probably on top of identical packages. All trapped in transit in some perfect storm of backlogged pandemic loot colliding...

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Slip Inside the MAC As You Pass By

Slip Inside the MAC As You Pass By By ELI JACE > Arizona’s Mesa Arts Center triumphed in its first art show since the pandemic this past September. Opening night of the Fall 2021 showcase was a vaunted affair with live music, local vendors, artisans, a film showcase, and people out enjoying the night. The...

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New Video From Deniz Cuylan Moves with Static Ease

By ELI JACE > Allow the new video for “Object of Desire” by Deniz Cuylan to freeze you in place. Time stands still. The only wind is the force putting the hair on your body at attention. Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Cuylan put out the video last week as the second single for his beautiful new...

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Beauty Pill Drop Election Day video, “Instant Night”

By ELI JACE > The Washington, D.C. group Beauty Pill has surprised-released a new single and video titled, “Instant Night.” The song arrives for the lead up to Election Day with a clip featuring D.C. punk illustrator, Ryan Nelson as he sketches three harrowing political figures. In offbeat timelaspe we watch Nelson as he creates...

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New Gorillaz Song Machine Track ‘Friday 13th’ Feat. Octavian a Beautiful Support Anthem for BLM

New Gorillaz Song Machine Track ‘Friday 13th’ Feat. Octavian a Beautiful Support Anthem for BLM One really has to wonder how quickly Gorillaz are making these Song Machine tracks and animations because they’re becoming more and more poignant and germane to the current times that it almost feels like they can’t have been made too long...

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APB: New Gorillaz Song Machine Track Dropped Today With a Video for the Canon Fans [Spoiler Alert] [Video]

**Disclaimer: this article contains a spoiler about the end of the new Song Machine video from Gorillaz, so watch it before you read!** So far in the Song Machine series, the videos have been themed around studio work and blending the Gorillaz characters with the real band and recording process. In both the first and...

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Gorillaz New ‘Song Machine’ Series Merges Worlds and It’s Not Fair [Videos]

It was a hard blow for Gorillaz fans to sustain when, after their last album The Now Now, the creators of the wildly popular Gorillaz said there would likely not be any more releases from the cartoon band for ten years. We all hoped it was a bluff, and luckily it was. Enter: Song Machine. Gorillaz wouldn’t be...

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