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How to Make an Album Cover

How to Make an Album Cover When you discover your passion there is nothing that can stop you. You have the music inside and we want to show you how to release an album independently using Placeit’s album cover maker and how to engage with your community to succeed. “Music is the universal language of...

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Exclusive Interview with ACRONYM Brand Founder, Music Photographer, Culture Curator & Festival Head Amy Nicole

I’m very pleased to have recently picked the brain of one of my favorite people in the music industry and one who wears many inter-related hats, Amy Nicole, founder of ACRONYM.  First of all, I really love how ACRONYM very much looks and feels like an extension of who you are. There’s such an active...

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Get the Lowdown on Download Royalties

Get the Lowdown on Download Royalties The word “royalty” dates back to the Middle Ages, when the noble class (royals) granted far less privileged individuals the right to extract minerals from the land they owned—for a fee, of course. So if you feel like a peasant every time you open one of your music streaming...

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How to Choose the Best Music For Your Instagram Videos

Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has made a distinct mark in the world of social media. Along with Facebook, it has become one of the most popular venues where anyone can connect to the rest of the world. Over the past few years, Instagram strengthened its popularity even further. It has come a...

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James Moore music industry interview with

Interview with Independent Music Promotions Founder James Moore in MySphera Magazine

For those interested in a few new music marketing recommendations from I.M.P founder James Moore, head on over to the recent interview with MySphera, a website and platform very worthy of investigation from independent musicians and labels. James is now a MySphera tastemaker alongside some amazing brands and curators. Read the interview. Check out their...

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Label Shakeups And You

by MATT BACON > One of the key things I think it is important to remember in the music industry is the sheer luck involved in a lot of it. Moreover you can’t forget that you need to get very lucky with the team around you. This is where things start to get dicey and...

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Music Industry Man Hours!

by MATT BACON > One thing I think is really good to remember and far too easy to forget is the man hours needed for life in the music industry. This isn’t something that a lot of bands seem to realize and something which consequently turns around and bites them in the ass. These hours...

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Leveling Up In The Industry

by MATT BACON > So I recently kind of ‘leveled up’ within the industry. I got a new job at a much bigger agency than I have ever worked with doing a lot of things on the back end that I never thought I would be doing and working with bands I never thought I...

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Goddamn Small Royalties

by MATT BACON> There’s a lot of articles out there about  labels ripping you off. Or how it is all set up in a way that very much dicks over artists and how folks who engage in it are unrepentant assholes. There are also a lot of articles outlining how a record deal works and...

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Logistics And You

by MATT BACON > Double check your math. It is just about the most crucial thing that you can do in the music industry. Obviously this comes on the heels of me making a pretty notable fuckup, nothing too pivotal, but certainly not something to scoff at. So I just wanted to take a minute...

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