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Leveling Up In The Industry

by MATT BACON > So I recently kind of ‘leveled up’ within the industry. I got a new job at a much bigger agency than I have ever worked with doing a lot of things on the back end that I never thought I would be doing and working with bands I never thought I...

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Goddamn Small Royalties

by MATT BACON> There’s a lot of articles out there about  labels ripping you off. Or how it is all set up in a way that very much dicks over artists and how folks who engage in it are unrepentant assholes. There are also a lot of articles outlining how a record deal works and...

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Logistics And You

by MATT BACON > Double check your math. It is just about the most crucial thing that you can do in the music industry. Obviously this comes on the heels of me making a pretty notable fuckup, nothing too pivotal, but certainly not something to scoff at. So I just wanted to take a minute...

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Drug Intake, Egos and You

by MATT BACON > Man drugs sure are fun aren’t they? They seem to be the backbone of the very industry that defines us, informing all sides of the music, from the luxurious backstage parties, to the creative process itself. They make us ask questions and have once in a lifetime experiences, and yet when...

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Your Logo Is Hurting You

by MATT BACON > A big part of my job when setting up a tour is picking other bands to tour with, and picking bands to act as local openers. This usually involves a lot of time being spent navigating various forums and databases in order to figure out which bands might be worth asking...

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Spotting Fake Record Labels

by MATT BACON > So one thing that I’ve seen happen to tons of bands that I work with is differentiating between real and bogus record deals. Every day dozens, if not hundreds of bands think they’ve finally made the big time and end up signing a record deal that hurts their reputations, makes them...

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