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Unsigned Band Syndrome

I can see it coming from a mile away. Someone is chatting with me and finds out I manage bands and work with labels. Not only do they find that out but they find out that the bands I work with make money, don’t do pay to play and generally seem to be doing okay...

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Brand Sponsorships And Your Indie Band

Sponsorships from non music related brands are like licensing. One of those things that you know can be a reliable source of income but which most people view as basically impossible to get. This is, unfortunately, fairly accurate. The music industry has a lot of people trying to find the limited amount of money on...

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Spreadsheets And Your Indie Band

I think that a lot of bands underestimate the utility of spreadsheets. This is one of those book keeping things that I am pretty sure you are going to hate but which are also going to make your life incredibly easy when you get through. Spreadsheets documenting just about every aspect of your scene make...

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What Every Record Label REALLY Wants

There are certain fundamental truths in the music industry that I can guarantee will really free up your thinking. One of these truths that changed my entire strategy for developing bands is this: Every big independent label is trying to be bought by a major. I mean maybe not every one. I’m sure there is...

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