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Below is a list of the best music industry links and resources who either provide industry services, useful information or press coverage and reviews to independent bands and musicians.

These music industry links have all been researched in order to help you market your music more effectively. As time goes by, I am shifting more of these music marketing links specifically to reflect websites, blogs and publications who have answered my emails and helped independent artists. I think this is critical. I want this to be an ultimate list of places with at least somewhat OPEN DOORS to indie artists, and that’s what will differentiate it from simple lists of the “Top 100 Music Blogs”.

The Music Marketing Guide – The bestselling music marketing guide aimed at assisting musicians with gaining high amounts of press.

I.M.P on Facebook – The Independent Music Promotions Facebook page, where we share as much valuable information as possible for our musician audience.

I.M.P on Spotify – Follow our curated playlists spanning most genres on Spotify.

I.M.P on Instagram

Pinterest – A site every business, label and band should know about.

Consolidate your online presence with Link.tree

Two Story Melody

Get playlisted by real curators and tastemakers with MySphera – This platform is highly recommended for track promotion on Spotify. – We spin rock hits around our worldwide web!

iPluggers Radio Promotion – iPluggers are an effective radio promotion/plugging company serving indie and major artists.

Independent Music News Magazine on Flipboard – Read our magazine catered to indie music fans & artists.

Independent Music News on Tumblr

Artists on Spotify – Get your stats and Spotify profile fully optimized and learn a lot in the process.

Indie On The Move – A go-to directory for everything from press to radio and more, containing both local and national contacts.

25 Music Business and Music Marketing Tips for Musicians

Soundplate – Music promotion on Spotify.

Online Guide For Music Industry Students

How to Promote Your Music Online with Adobe

Music Kick Up

Indie Music Bands – Your info hub for the independent band,  News on Tumblrmusician, or artist.

Feature FM – One of the best advertising platforms for independent musicians available today.

SubmitHub – An excellent platform for submitting your music to all kinds of influencers, from music blogs to record labels, Spotify playlisters and Youtube channels.

MusicSubmit – Promo for indie bands to music blogs, indie radio, etc. They do good work and are always growing.

DropTrack – A music submissions platform for musicians and labels. Recommended, as they have different opportunities and members than available elsewhere.

BitSubmit – BitSubmit is the world leading marketing tool for independent musicians to get noticed. Our community gets direct access to the industry’s largest Spotify Playlists, YouTube channels, Soundcloud Promoters, Instagram pages, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Blogs and more.

Onstage Magazine

The Lefsetz Letter – Insightful and wonderfully opinionated, Bob Lefsetz dishes intuitive truths on music industry trends.

Stop Whispering Media – Professional promo materials, from bios and press releases to banners and artwork. Highly recommended for independent artists.

New Music and Gigs – New Music and Gigs is a site that gets you heard by only selecting a limited number of quality acts to highlight each week through a free weekly download album. By also promoting your web presence, gigs, videos and having an on-line store New Music and Gigs ensures that the good acts are heard not buried by the mediocre.

Heavy Metal T-Shirts – The Best Heavy Metal T-Shirts, Metalhead Fashion and Satanic Clothing Collection Online.

Vandala Concepts – Home of the prominent independent music supporters Vandala Magazine, as well as providing comprehensive services to all genres of artists, Vandala Concepts is highly recommended by I.M.P.

Music Crowns – Submit your music to be shared through their large network.

Sonicbids – Opportunities galore for independent musicians.

Hypebot – Run by Bruce Houghton, Hypebot is one of the music industry’s leading communities, and officially holds the title of “where the music industry speaks out loud”. – Get your music to the right people with TAXI.

Sahar’s Reviews – Independent and major music reviews of music, books and more by talented reviewer/writer Sahar.

Music Week – The business of music.

Music Industry News – Britain’s newest music industry publication.

Playlist Push – a Spotify music placement service

Indie Music Bus – A resource website packed with links and opportunities for indie musicians. – Submit your music and get fans

Passive Promotion – excellent resource with practical testing of music marketing methods for musicians.

Appetizer Radio – Radio show supporting independent artists through airplay and industry information.

Dotted Music – Connecting the music industry dots

Music XRay – Artists can submit their music for major record label consideration, licensing (film, video game, tv) opportunities, consultations, reviews, airplay, promotional campaigns and press coverage to name a few.

Skope Magazine – An excellent indie music site/publication who I write for. They offer a variety of services for indie musicians.

The Hype Machine – An excellent resource. The Hype Machine is a music blog directory. Search for blogs catering to your genre and submit your band for a potential feature. The possibilities for coverage are endless, as are the blogs.

Global Musician’s Fish Pond – A community for musicians worldwide for support and quality information. Run by good people.

Jabberdi – A musician’s resource and haven of helpful information.

Music News Tidbits – Distribution and licensing from a powerhouse company who helped the Arctic Monks and Moby become huge.

All Indie Magazine – Excellent indie musicians website and home of the Artists in Music Awards.

Anthony Behind the Scenes


Periscope Audio – Run by the talented Colin Ritchie, Periscope Audio offers professional mixing and production for indie artists.

SH Music Media – online radio station supporting independent artists

Daily Unsigned – New music served fresh daily

Knox Road – Run by Lee and Jamie, Knox Road is an independent music blog.

Neufutur Magazine

MF Magazine – Music Fashion Magazine, covering independent and major fashion and music.

Orlando Sky Radio – Orlando based radio shows that accepts indie music submissions via Music XRay.

Music Zeitgeist – The musical mood of the times

Kingblind – Music news, album and concert reviews, mp3’s

NBT Independent Music – An excellent independent music features and interviews blog. Be sure to check the link for NBT podcast info as well.

Release Magazine – Magazine featuring alternative and electronic artists.

Lithium Magazine – Independent and major artists are covered here with concert news, interviews and reviews. – Huge independent music hub

Song Of The Day – A great opportunity for bands to be chosen for ‘song of the day’. They accept indie submissions.

The Justin Wayne Show – Great radio show playing indie artists. Independent radio for independent music.

Indie Music Filter – Toronto-based music blog run by Chris Budd.

Reverbnation – Massive independent music service offering online press kits, music hosting, analytics and more. It is a crowded place with over 1.5 million artists so be sure to make it PART of your music marketing strategy, not all of it. – An excellent indie music supporting website with Indie Music Links, Musician’s Resources, Band Links, Club & Festival Listings, CD Reviews and Music Gifts.

Ultimate Guitar – Do you play guitar or are you in a guitar driven band? This link will take you to Ultimate Guitar’s news submission area. Send them a RELEVANT idea and they will consider you for coverage.

The Muses Muse – The Muses Muse is a source of information and inspiration for independent artists. I write a column for them, and have always been impressed with the services they provide to the indie music world.

Clever Joe – Where clever musicians play. A Canadian music industry resource.

All Music Industry Contacts – contains A&R, management, publicist, radio contacts and much more for independent artists. – A giant in the indie music promotion world. There is a lot of free information here to chew on. – Why not send a song to their “All songs considered” section? It’s worth a try, as they accept indie bands. – A directory of singer-songwriters as well as a massive directory of industry resources. – Music industry resource and advice website run by the highly experienced Mark Bliesener.

Independent Records – Independent Records is for musicians releasing their own CD’s, DVDs, cassettes, etc. Independent Records will catalog your release by assigning it a catalog number and a corresponding bar code.

Pitchfork – Possibly the most important music review website in the world. Follow their submission policies carefully and do not spam them. You will be blacklisted.

Stereogum – An extremely popular music blog covering all genres. Though it’s unlikely that amateur artists will get coverage here, it’s certainly worth a try. Stereogum covers everyone from Beyonce and Jay Z to Odd Future, Tom Waits and a slew of artists you’ve never heard of. If your music is up to par they will consider it.

CDBaby – The best online retailer for unsigned bands. Once you’re signed up, though, it doesn’t end there. Make sure you constantly edit your band page with recent press clippings and news. Also, make sure you take advantage of CDBaby’s promotional options. Slap their html “Buy our CD now!” buttons on all of your websites and blogs. Make the buttons available to your friends and fans.

Tunecore – Though we have found CDBaby’s services to be slightly superior, Trent Reznor loves Tunecore and they have recently expanded their services. Definitely worth checking out as a distribution option.

Facebook – Start your Facebook band page right away. Post your music, photos, videos and fan badges there. Advertise and spread the word. Use the services available to you.

No Depression – A hub for the country and Americana music communities. This very popular publication has turned itself into a social network where independent musicians are encouraged to sign up and post their music and news releases.

Garageband – The world’s largest independent music community. This site offers the potential to get reviewed by new fans and fellow musicians.

Blabbermouth – A great place to break a press release for rock/metal bands. Get it posted here and it will mysteriously show up in a lot of other places.

Band Weblogs – Band weblogs will post your press releases. Make sure you return the generosity by making your releases newsworthy and informative.

Artist Direct – Get as involved as you can with this website. They offer a variety of features.

Musicdish – An excellent site to submit your finished news release to. Their services are effective and can help you get your keywords circulating on music blogs.

Squidoo – Write about your band, your passions, your opinions, and generate income on the side as well as build the popularity of your band. – People are ready and waiting to promote your band for $5. Didn’t know that? Maybe it’s time you check out Fiverr and test out a few opportunities.

Singing Tips – Singing information and tips. Questions are answered on the community wall.

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