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Patreon, Allegaeon and Crowdfunding

Soooo Patreon. It’s come up in ugly headlines again and people seem to be hating on it. The issue this time seems to be that Allegaeon think that they deserve some sort of universal basic income for being musicians. This is dumb and shows the same sort of entitled opinions that have ruined so many...

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The Romance Of The Music Industry

When I was 15-16 and first started really hanging out with touring bands I wanted nothing more than to be one of those guys who steps out of the van at one of the countless truck stops in North America, beard scruffy, hair blowing in the wind, wearing cowboy boots and yells “Hey brother!” and...

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Long Term Thinking In The Music Industry

The points I’m going to make in this article are going to seem super obvious to some of you and make literally no sense to others. That’s because I’m talking about putting others before yourself, and in the music industry of all places. You’re not going to read about this sort of thing going down...

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5 key fundamentals to successfully promoting your music

The 5 Key Fundamentals to Successfully Promoting Your Music

There are a few key elements that really make your music promotion sing. Without a proper understanding of these fundamentals, you might be making some major mistakes in your marketing, and that could be undermining your intention to succeed. Here are the five key fundamentals every musician should know about successfully promoting their music. 1....

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Kickstarter: The Most Important Thing Your Band Will Ever Do?

Kickstarters are rapidly become a key aspect to any young and hungry bands record release cycle. Even more established bands like Protest The Hero and Anamanaguchi who have multiple world tours under their belts are coming to rely more on Kickstarter as a tool to release their music. And this is great. A lot of...

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Music marketing immediacy in American Idol

Music Marketing for Musicians – The Problem with Immediate Culture

Music Marketing for Musicians – The Problem with Immediate Culture Music marketing is not as common a thing as you may think. The fact is, most artists would rather make up a concept about it than learn about it. When I released “Your Band Is A Virus” and launched Independent Music Promotions, I was surprised...

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Music PR Is A Nightmare – What You Need To Know

I had a bit of an epiphany today. Though I wax poetic on this blog about what it takes to make it in the music industry and how to establish yourself in your scene or how to kick start your career in the industry, I regularly ignored the demon right in front of us, literally...

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Surviving in The Music Industry – What It Takes and How Not To Screw Up

This article functions as the culmination of a couple of other pieces I’ve written on how to make it in the music industry and get some degree of success (And maybe even money) It also stems from a recent conversation I had with my old friend Scooby, who, I will admit is partially my friend...

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Entitlement and Independent Music

Entitlement. Now there’s a scary word that a lot of people, not just musicians, don’t like to think about too much. For a generation born to free content and instant gratification it’s sometimes hard to consider a world where one might have to wait and work to achieve ones goals. Now, I’m not trying to...

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