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Our Music Marketing Philosophy: “Music With Depth”

Music Marketing

Independent Music Promotions fulfills the music marketing and PR needs of serious independent musicians.

We promote only the highest quality “music with depth” to esteemed international publications and blogs. Our campaigns enhance our clients’ online presence and boost their professional resumes. We are known for having built a solid and respected reputation among musicians and industry professionals alike.

Music marketing is our passion and our lifeblood at Independent Music Promotions. Our CEO James Moore wrote the bestselling music marketing handbook “Your Band Is A Virus” based on his years of experience working as an independent music promoter. To him, marketing is an extension of the art itself, and this gives the process great meaning. He believes that there should be just as much creativity and passion put into the marketing of music.

Our DIY Music Marketing Advice

For artists who prefer the “do it yourself” route, James Moore has filled the Independent Music Promotions blog with dozens of original articles on how to properly market your music. You can learn how to write news releases, promote free music and contact music blogs. You also learn how to avoid pitfalls like automated services and social media numbers boosters. James reveals many of the insider tips from“Your Band Is A Virus”.

Our Music Marketing PR Strategy

DIY music marketing often focuses too much on simply “covering the bases”. Submitting music to outlets including journalists, press lists or a directory of music blogs is equivalent to “door to door” cold calling. Proper research, groundwork and relationship building is what makes music marketing PR effective. Independent Music Promotions focuses primarily on building countless partnerships and relationships intended to ensure high quality press for our clients.

Rather than focusing on peripheral services such as social media boosts, we focus on concrete results. We get your music to people who will actually listen to it, write about it, and publish features in prominent major and mid-level publications. This press is permanent and can be used to your advantage in all future music marketing efforts. Most importantly, press is “social proof” at its most potent. Having someone else talk about you is critical in the music industry.

Our unique approach to music marketing allows us to guarantee results for all of our clients. In fact, we have used this approach for ourselves too, landing Independent Music Promotions and James Moore features in a host of major publications, from Performer Magazine and Sonicbids to ASCAP and Bandzoogle.

For full details on our music marketing campaigns and services, click here.

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Music Marketing 


Music Marketing 


Music Marketing