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Music Production

Quantities In The Physical

by MATT BACON > So one thing I think a lot of indie bands struggle with is knowing how much product to print. This is a really hard thing to get right, especially when you consider that some groups only get 200 copies printed and sell out within a week and other bands print 300...

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Songwriting And Your Band

by MATT BACON > So I think that one of the basic realities of the music industry that a lot of my compeers don’t really want to fess up too is the significance of songwriting. While it’s certainly easy to say that anything can be possible and anything can get big these days, and that...

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College And DIY Culture

by MATT BACON > So part of what I do is work as head of marketing at a music studio that my buddy runs. It’s a good studio, we have a lot of fun, party a lot, and record some good music with some very cool producers. The studio owner was looking to pick up...

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Being Part Of A Collective

by MATT BACON > So there’s a reason no one really wants to license your bands music or generally work with your group. It’s not a hard one when you really think about it but it’s one that you aren’t going to like. You’re not part of a collective. When you get to the heart...

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Licensing & Distribution

by MATT BACON > One of the things we have increasingly seen record labels, especially lower level DIY record labels engage in these days is simple music licensing and distribution deals. Many record labels have decided that rather than do the A&R and PR that the old school labels pretty much view as required is...

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Learning About Distribution

by MATT BACON > Distribution deals are a weird thing to deal with and something that I Think not enough of the young dudes in the industry properly get. I know that I for one didn’t seem to properly understand the significance behind distributors and why you need to have a good one if you...

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Indie Merch Strategies

by MATT BACON > There’s a lot to pick apart at your average merch booth. Every band has their own way of doing things, but some bands clearly do way better than their peers – even if they aren’t that much bigger. Obviously some of this relies on your ability to draw superfans and how...

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by ELI JACE > So I met with Chase H. Mason – vox and growler for GATECREEPER – a few blocks from the Nile Theater in Mesa, Arizona where the group’s upcoming tour will end at the one-day fest, Within These Walls. It’s early September and in about a month on October 7, the metal...

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Sex, Politics, And Music

by MATT BACON > Figuring out the role of sex in music is complicated and weird. It is an odd balance that we see throughout the whole thing. There is a strange balance to music as a whole, and while gender roles are important, as we discussed in a previous article, I want to talk...

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