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Creating Successful Marketing Promotion Campaigns For “Music With Depth” Artists Worldwide

Music Promotion


Successful music promotion gets other people talking about you and your music.

It is more genuine than you talking about yourself. Prominent music blogs, websites, e-magazines, freelance writers and podcasters are critical for music promotion.

We do much more than post your music online to share with your friends and followers. We personally present your music to leading music media outlets. This guarantees you coverage and exposure that only a professional music marketing company can get you. The promotional spotlight is on you.

Our music promotion begins by having complete faith in our artists’ talents. Our oath is taking a hands-on approach marketing them to the world.


We offer a wide variety of music promotion packages and campaigns in order to suit different needs.

New artists wishing to generate initial reviews for their press kit should try our basic 1-month package. Artists who wish to test our full services before investing in a full campaign can sign up for our basic 3-month option. Other PR firms do not offer this.

More serious artists should choose either our Expanded 3-month campaign or the Critical Mass campaign. Both deliver high results and are 3 months in duration. The Critical Mass is a 'top heavy' campaign that utilizes all of our major partnerships. It plants seeds as early as possible to ensure the most buzz within the shortest amount of time.


  • We are highly selective for our roster. Our contacts know that we only represent artists
    who exhibit “music with depth”. This helps us generate far more press than average
    music promotion companies who aren't as selective with their clients.
  • We are the only music public relations company to guarantee our press results. In
    four years of operation, we continually produce high amounts of quality press and stellar reviews for
    hundreds of artists.
  • We send bloggers and editors everything they need to know about you, your music and
    your information in concise and personalized packages.
  • We promote your music to the biggest magazines and the smallest blogs. Each
    contact is valuable.
  • We promote your music in any form. This includes singles, EPs, albums, music videos, or an
    upcoming tour.
  • We also focus on peripheral services such as “image consulting”, “social media
    coaching” and hyper-targeting advertising techniques. Each helps you organically gain new
  • We promote you locally and internationally.
  • We send you marketing reports based on who actually covered you, not who we sent
    your music to. This is our results-based approach at work.
  • We practice what we preach. Independent Music Promotions and CEO James Moore
    have been featured in many of the music promotion industry’s largest publications. These include ASCAP,
    Performer Magazine, Sonicbids, Music Think Tank and many more.
  • To learn more about Independent Music Promotions and our rates, click here.



Our CEO James Moore literally wrote the definitive book on music promotion. His bestselling book, “Your Band Is A Virus", emphasizes the importance of relationship building and partnerships. You learn how to properly present music to the media, break the rules, bring truly original expressions to the world and promote only exceptional content.

Independent Music Promotions uses all of these methods to successfully promote you to the domestic and international markets.

  • Music Promotion
    Columbian Electronic/IDM artist Lozk


Music Promotion 


Music Promotion 


Music Promotion