featurefm1Feature.fm recently reached out to me about their song promotion platform, and after some investigation, it looks like a platform that should serve as a good testing ground for independent artists. This post is not intended as an endorsement, as I have not tried their services myself, but I do look into every company I decided to share on this site – only the ones who seem like positive opportunities for independent artists get shared. Also, I have no advertising, so this is merely for the purpose of spreading the word. Check out Feature.fm’s full information below, test them out, and let me know their results!

About Feature.fm:


Feature.fm is the only cost effective song promotion network that guarantees artists’ songs get played inside music streaming services.  Songs are played to a targeted audience by replacing irrelevant ads with music that will actually be enjoyed! With the capability to integrate promoted songs as native content into search, discovery, and stream (similar to promoted ads in search engines and social media), streaming services receive greater and additional revenue streams without disturbing the user experience.  Up and coming artists are provided with an avenue that promises exposure while returning real time, in depth analytics. Everybody wins! It’s extremely beneficial for independent artists to not just get into digital platforms, but also guarantee they get heard.  Feature.fm was founded by graduates of an elite technology program in the Israeli Army and includes years of industry experience in music.

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