New York rapper (currently residing in Florida) Elia impressed me recently, and it’s always nice when you are sent a track by an independent artist that you would actually play in your spare time. Elia’s delivery is unique, and it works in his favor. For anyone unacquainted, I would compare it to a fusion of Ghostface Killah, DMX and Tech N9ne’s delivery styles – once again, very impressive. As is the case with today’s industry, it will be up to Elia and his team how far this project goes, but it definitely has great potential, and I have no negative or constructive critique of the music to add. My recommended listen is “Let Me Out”, which has an infectiously catchy yet heavy chorus. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the hip hop world.

Elia’s flow is both spirited and skilled, and the promotional release “The Demolition” is available for free download on his Facebook page. As far as music marketing goes, it appears he is gaining popularity quickly and using his Facebook page the way it should be – fan updates, free content and community involvement.

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