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New music podcast

Welcome to I.M.P’s new music podcast ‘The Underground Stream’. Count on us to keep you informed of the best new music spanning all genres, both underground and established. A lifetime of obsessing over music has led to the curation of this uniquely eclectic show, where everything from metal and rap to ambient and jazz will be heard.

Listen to the Underground Stream on Spotify below.

Episode 1 playlist – Feb 22, 2022:

Welcome to the 1st Episode of our new music podcast! We play new music from J’Moris, 1st Base Runner, Julia Pratt, Spencer Elliott, Chris Ianuzzi, Patrick Ames and Windhand.

Episode 2 playlist – Feb 27, 2022:

With Nirvana being my favorite band, it makes sense to base an episode off them and their influence on other artists. I hope you enjoy some of the lesser known artists and discover a new favorite! Featuring Nirvana, METZ, Drive like Jehu, Chore, Thou, Kittens, Shawna Virago, Blueanimal and Jane in Space.

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