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Dirty Chime – Fifty One Fifty (Single) (Electronic Pop)

Dirty Chime is the brainchild of solo artist Thomas Clayton, writing lyrics from personal experiences that touch on sensitive subjects such as mental health, medicating/over-medicating and escapism. This soulful indie/electronic tune borders on R&B at times, and is layered with tasteful keyboards, vocals with multiple harmony backups, catchy bass grooves and hip-hop influenced beats.

“Lovers call each other crazy all the time. But what if you’re actually crazy? And were you crazy to begin with, or did something drive you into the madness? Fifty One Fifty is meant to be an exploration of insanity, both fancied and real.”

Tanya Gallagher – Dark Side (Single) (Americana, Alt-Country, Singer Songwriter)

Florida Singer Songwriter Tanya Gallagher gives us a taste of her upcoming “One Hand On My Heart” EP release with moody new single “Dark Side”.

The six songs on One Hand On My Heart tell the tale of heartbreak, and of a singer-songwriter finding her groove. The EP’s first track, “Dark Side,” is an atmospheric slow burn—likened to an Americana version of Tidal-era Fiona Apple. “Just be honest if it’s not something you want…with my head high I will move on, so darling do not waste my time,” Gallagher sings over a staccato banjo line and haunting organ melody provided by Beau Bedford (Leon Bridges, Paul Cauthen). T o hear Gallagher tell it, the song came out in a single rush during a particularly fruitful session. “I hit record on my phone, and I just went.”



Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1- Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life
Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1- Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life

Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1- Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life (Album/Compilation) (House Music, Nu House, EDM, Dance, Techno, Classic House)

Buoyed by the success of the Matt Warren’s critically acclaimed Nu-House classic, Music Is My Life, Wake Up! Music’s founder and creative director MyMy Lady G aka House vocalist Pepper Gomez, decided that the Chicago-Miami based label’s next project would be an album of remixes. This, she decided wasn’t going to be just another remix album.

Instead, some of the world’s top DJs were invited to remix a track from Music Is My Life. Calls went out to the legendary John Morales, Brooklyn’s very own DJ Spinna, international man of mystery Al Kent, and the Chicago-based triumvirate of Ralphi Rosario, DJ Lil Tal and Marcus Mixx. They were joined by Texan DJ “That Dude Dom” Dominic Sustaita as well as up-and-coming DJs James Flowers and Michael A. Garza. These nine DJs play a starring role on Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life, which is the first installment in a new and exciting series of Nu-Music from Wake Up! Music which is sure to become the fuel of the parties, dance floors and lives of DJs, dancers and music fans the world over.

The ten remixes find the nine DJs at the top of their game, breathing new life into the tracks on Music Is My Life. Opening Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life is Ralphi Rosario a recent convert to NuHouse, who teases the listener with his Big Love Radio Remix of How Do I Love Thee that features a coquettish vocal from the legendary house diva Pepper Gomez. After that, it’s time for take off, and the DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix of The Way to My Heart, before disco meets house on what’s an amazing remix from New York’s very own John Morales. The John Morales M+M Mix once again finds Pepper Gomez’s vocal plays a starring role on a track that was one of the highlights of Music Is My upon its release.

The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band – Fire Sign (EP) (Electronic, Bass, Downtempo, Ambient)

We’re gifted with a new EP from Seattle’s psychedelic trip-hop, electronica/dance artist known as ‘The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band’ entitled “Fire Sign”. The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is the brainchild of Jared Sand who wrote, recorded and produced this trippy collection of songs that are heavily layered with synths and beats, creating a psychedelic soundscape that could easily be theme music to a dream you might have, or perhaps the soundtrack for a newer science fiction movie taking place somewhere in space.

The Fire Sign EP is a perfect follow up to his last recording (Live in Studio 11/14) showing off the fact that Jared has much more to offer working in the studio solo than jamming on the fly with other collaborators. If you like the grooves and trippy-ness of acts like Om Unit or perhaps The Chemical Brothers, then you can appreciate what The Cool Moonmist Mountain band has to offer up here.

“Upbeat downtempo you can hang out with. This release is a culmination of festival life and everyday living over the past year. A foray into new experiences in a fire sign. A metaphorical representation of rising energy from the ether.”

Don Mai – Won’t Let You Down (Single) (Singer Songwriter, Acoustic Pop)

Don Mai is a Pop singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. While focusing mostly on Pop, Don’s music also transverses through rock, acoustic and alternative genres.  For fans of Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber will be pleased at what Don Mai has to offer with this new pop single.

“I was inspired to write “Won’t Let You Down” because I was really into someone, but she had been through some bad relationships and had her walls up. Still to this day I’m not sure if she didn’t like me or if she just didn’t want to be hurt again. I was actually writing another song at the time but it wasn’t going anywhere, but as soon as I started writing this song. Everything pieced together perfectly and we even finished the whole recording in 1 day”


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