Nicoletta is a pop/dance songwriter/artist from New York who has quite a lot of industry and writing experience, as is the case sometimes when artists set out on their own solo path (Lady Gaga, for example). She has written songs for Disney artists and even demo’d vocals for Christina Aguilera and Rihanna. Her album is called Elek(Trick) and the music video for “Ridin’ That Beat” has been rising in popularity lately, with over 13,000 views thus far. Directed by Dan Quixote at I Hear You Man Productions and Michael Dispenza at Blue Monk Productions, the team did an excellent job. No signs of indie video effects here – this is all high budget, and that’s a good thing because the style demands it.

Sounding sonically similar to Lady Gaga’s electro-spastic club sound with some Rihanna influence on Nicoletta’s voice, the track has an infectious chorus that should find it’s way into your subconscious mind whether you want it to or not. It’s as glitchy as it is catchy; bubblegum pop with a slight rock edge. With Nicoletta’s sexually charged mischievous attitude and her strong sense for good pop hooks, you can expect this track to catch on. Check it out below:

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