Nonviolenze’s ‘Ghosts of War’ Album is a Conscious Musical Meditation for Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull Fans

Nonviolenze is the solo musical moniker of Houston, TX singer songwriter Shri Baratan, whose purposeful signature sound takes influence from Pink Floyd, John McLaughlin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Al Jarreau, Joni Mitchell, and eastern classical music.

Today his new music video for “Mirror” is released. Big Takeover premiered the video, adding “Baratan sings of the foibles of humans, “anger, hatred jealousy, lust, and greed”, and cautions us to look in the mirror and make sure we’re not the ones embodying these detrimental qualities.”

“Mirror” is taken from Nonviolenze’s ambitious debut album “Ghosts of War”, released on Oct 16.

About “Mirror” (from the artist):
The Cosmos is a Mirror that reflects the body (gross matter), mind (thought vibrations) and feelings (radiation). You cannot hide from the Cosmic Mirror for it knows your innermost feelings. Everything you perceive is a reflection of you. That which you exhibit ricochets right back to you. Give love and get love. Display fear and it returns as vampires. The Mirror continuously assorts the field of feelings bringing like-characters together. The happy hang out with the happy. The Angry gather and resent together. What a wonder this Cosmic Mirror. What’s inside’s, Outside.

Watch the “Mirror” music video.

About the Album:
“Ghosts of War” is a repertoire of nine haunting melodies intended to journey the listeners into new psychological frontiers. This album is authentic and reflects the soul of the self-made singer/song writer.

The compositions are contemporary and unconventional. The vocals, a unique blend of global styles, is augmented with a wide octave range and timely detours into mesmerizing solos.

The guitar work merges organic acoustics with vivid electric tones. The freestyle rhythm and finger-picking is accented with open chords and colorful harmonics. The tempos are mesmerizing with seamless shifts between single and dual beats. The intriguing sound-effects appends another dimension to the overall listening experience.

The lyrics are powerful, poetic and thought provoking communicating deep-rooted social and philosophical content.

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