Cover art for voyage au soleil.


numün, a new group out of New York City, have released the first video for their debut album, voyage au soleil.

The clip for the title track taps into the VHS membrane lifting the listener through a lost timeline. The album itself is a trip out past the pollution haze into the spatial luminescence and right into the superexploding sun.


numün is the sum of three musicians who work for the ambient side of sound.

Bob Holmes’ recent group SUSS put out the ambient-country masterpiece, Ghost Box, and  Joel Mellin and Chris Romero both perform with Gamelan Dharma Swara, the Balinese dance group based out of New York City. Each member are also visual artists whose work has been shown in various museums around New York–the MOMA, the Met–and have been featured on NPR and other publications.

Holmes, Mellin and Romero began voyage au soleil with a single track, “Tranquility Base.” It was featured on the compilation album, The Moon and Back — One Small Step for Global Pop, released in 2019 by WIAIWYA in celebration of the 50th anniversary of man’s debut landing on the Moon. The group remained in 1969 and began exploring the entire mission through electronic and analog soundscapes.


In addition to the ethereal synthlike waves, numün utilizes a great number of instruments.

Heard at the beginning of “Voyage Au Soleil” is the cümbüş, a fretless Turkish banjo. Throughout these six expansive songs you’ll hear a mellotron, a 1952 Gibson hollowbody guitar, a violin, Balinese gongs, harpsichord and theremin. The album voyage au soliel will be released digitally and on compact disc by Musique Impossible on September 4.


voyage au soleil by numün



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