NYC Alternative Metal Group Vajra Masterfully Blend Mystical Concepts, Prog-Heavy Riffage on ‘Irkalla’ EP

NYC-based Alternative Metal group Vajra masterfully blend mystical concepts, prog-heavy riffage and an exciting atmosphere of unbridled darkness on new EP Irkalla.

Irkalla is the first EP in Vajra‘s Trilogy Series exploring consciousness set to be released on January 15, 2021 an auspicious day that is a derivative of three in numerology.

Dark times call for dark music.  Irkalla is the Sumerian/Akkadian word for the underworld.  It is the lowest level of consciousness.  It is the base, material, selfish, ego aspects of ourselves.  It is the place that we must shine a light and acknowledge before we move to the next levels of awareness.

Weaving a tapestry of melodic rock with dark ambient experimental interludes, the music and lyrics of Irkalla reflect an esoteric space to explore the dark night of our souls.  The 30-minute EP also includes a bonus section of unbridled raw, ritual music dedicated to the Shadow Queen, which is set in three movements.

Irkalla was produced and mixed by Sahaj Ticotin, mastered by 2x Latin Grammy Award Winner Camilo Silva at Camilo Silva F Mastering, and written by Vajra.  Blake Fleming (ex-Mars Volta) guest drummed on the recordings.

The artwork for the EP was created by Tas Limur as part of a triptych. The three triptychs are visual representations of the three levels of consciousness that combined, reflect one full photo to be revealed after the release of the third EP.  Each triptych will feature one of the three primary colors.  Dr. Irving Finkel of the British Museum assisted with the cuneiform translations.

In connection with the EP release, Vajra has created a hand-crafted Irkalla potion made out of mostly organic essential oils, as well as a limited edition curated ritual pack to accompany each listen.  Vinyl and CDs are available at the Vajra shop here: .

Vajra's "Irkalla" on limited edition red vinyl
Vajra’s “Irkalla” on limited edition red vinyl

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