NYC Composer Chris Ianuzzi Embraces Artificial Intelligence for New Video

NYC Composer Artificial Intelligence music video for "Edge of the Earth"

NYC Composer Chris Ianuzzi has been in a constant state of rapid evolution with his completely original synth-heavy electronica and post-punk hybrid sound while embracing new technologies such as artificial intelligence and Dolby Atmos production. His efforts are clearly paying off. His AI music video for “Lonesome Highway Superstar” has taken home several awards (Winner in Japan indies Music Festival – Best Electronica, Winner of Best Music Video in Movie Play International, Winner of Best Music Video  in Filmnest International), and by the looks of his immersive new artificial intelligence fueled visual for “Edge of the Earth”, more accolades are incoming.

Chris Ianuzzi’s music is at once apocalyptic and devilishly fun, recklessly leaning into the untethered and unknown. His artistic expressions are challenging and tend to divide public opinion, which is what makes them so potent for those that ‘get the message’.

The video was made in collaboration with Chris’s long-time creative team, Serkan and İlke.

NYC Composer Artificial Intelligence music video for "Edge of the Earth"

“The visuals were designed using Stable Diffusion and Deforum Artificial Intelligence SD Animation Pipeline. These groundbreaking tools help us shape an array of mind-bending visuals that truly elevate this musical piece. Our digital canvas has been brought to life with a variety of Artificial Intelligence renders from Deforum, each skillfully layered together using After Effects.”

Chris expands on the song’s themes and ethos: “The song and video are inspired by the state of our planet with regards to the political as well as the natural  atmospheric conditions that we are living in.  It all looks like the apocalypse, almost biblical at times. It’s difficult not to feel this when watching the news.

Although it is a very serious stream of events, I try to ad some humor ” Wonder Woman, Superman, Hercules cant make a stand. I’m falling. On a positive look —“I’ll meet you on the other side”

The video//song move through different human conditions, dancing as there is nothing left to do. Singing but no one knows what song to sing. We are all hoping for the best result. The video has a visual display of synthesizers and technical objects, this can be looked at as a personal  take as well as my own image.”

The visionary artificial intelligence video was released on July 18th.

Watch the official music video for “Edge of the Earth”.

“The Lemons in the Edge of The Earth cover were made because I was playing with ideas with the the program Dall-e. Someone walked by and said “You should try adding Lemmings” I thought she said “Lemons” -whoops. I really liked the result. We had to put lemons in the video too.”

Enjoy this exciting new composition from one of Electronic Music’s foremost innovators. This music is highly recommended for fans of Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Oneohtrix Point Never, Gary Numan or John Carpenter. The track released through Chris’s Satellite Symphonics label.

Stream “Edge of the Earth” on Spotify.

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