Oleg Prodeus is a Vienna based Alternative rock musician/writer/producer with a ton of projects on the go, one of them being his solo rock album “The 13”, which is a collection of moody yet catchy industrial-tinged songs. “Savior” sets a mood similar to Muse and Interpol at the beginning, with Oleg’s very distinctive lead vocal showing a passion closer to artists like Ours and recent Sneaker Pimps work. The chorus is huge, and that’s where a stronger, industrial influence comes into play. To call this straight alternative rock would not be acknowledging it’s heaviness – there are elements of Nine Inch Nails and Ministry here. The production is amazing, and the dual guitar solo interlude really helps the track lift off into higher territory.

“Can You Feel the Rain” stays heavy, though it ventures towards the accessible end of the spectrum. The chorus is dreamier, with a very Manic Street Preachers-sounding hook – atmospheric but easy to get into. This could be a good gateway to Oleg’s music, with the gorgeous vocals and more radio-friendly approach. “Follow Me” is more upbeat, more like an 80’s electro-pop song, although the chorus beefs up the groove. Very Depeche Mode, and it sounds great.

“You’re Running Away” takes an experimental approach, as Oleg Prodeus croons mournfully over warped sounding synths and electronic samples. This is more challenging than the first 3 songs, but there is beauty in the obscure vocal line choices and the absolute passion put in. This comes closer to Bowie’s stranger material on albums such as 1996’s “Outside”.  “Mother” is a great industrial/pop track with some inventive production and emotionally charged vocals. The chorus vocals show Oleg’s extraordinary range. This is a standout track. “Do You Know The Way” is another radio-ready hit, with an engaging verse and very infectious chorus.

“Last Hero in the Universe” is carried completely by the strong vocals of Oleg, until the drums and heavier guitars come in for the chorus of this darkly romantic journey into relationship. “Cross the Line” is a stirring, dark-as-night ballad that sticks to it’s minimal electronic beginnings for a tangible effect. Other highlights from the release include “Crash”, another pop delicacy, and the sadness-soaked album closer “I Hear You Calling”.

Overall, “The 13” is a stellar album from a alternative/rock/industrial  artist I hope to hear more from in 2012. Highly recommended for fans of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Ours, Muse, and Sneaker Pimps.

Check out Oleg at olegprodeus.com

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