OVO-SOUNDDarius Williams is on the loose, folks. An internet cowboy claiming to work for Drake’s new label OVO Sound, Williams has been sending out pdf documents en masses claiming to accept artists to the OVO label for a fee of $2500. I received a new email this morning from an artist who has been ripped off by this individual, and it’s really a sad thing that these guys are around. Side note: this was a 16 year old aspiring artist who got ripped off, probably spending all his savings thinking he was going to get on Drake’s record label.

If you’ve been contacted by Darius Williams, one thing you’ll notice in his pdf document, which made it’s way to my desk when he contacted one of my artists, that he’s actually copied all of the language from www.independentmusicpromotions.com, even taking my testimonials and replacing ‘James Moore’ with ‘Darius Williams’. He didn’t even want to take a moment to be less obvious apparently. I made several efforts to contact OVO Sound but no one responded.

That’s all for now, folks! It’s disconcerting to have to post two of these in one day, but the education is important.

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