Patrick Ames - Live in the Vineyard "Liveness in Quarantine" Livestream Series

Liveness in Quarantine. Recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic, April 2020. LIVE in the Vineyard. 

The wineries of Napa Valley and wine county are closed but the vineyards are alive during April’s Pandemic. Join @PatrickAmes for tours and new music for your sheltering in place. Bring your wine glass because it’s always Happy Hour in this magical place.

More about Patrick Ames and his new EP “Liveness”, which is out now on all platforms.

Patrick Ames leans into his eccentric style, troubador wisdom and black humor on his best release to date, new 6-track EP Liveness. If you’re a fan of artists like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen or Gil Scott-Heron, you should hear Patrick Ames.

On Liveness, Ames accents his DIY recording techniques with lots of live mics, whether it be vocals or his accompanied guitar. It’s as live as you can be. “It’s was like recording the process of songwriting,” and to be sure the songs are lovely, emotional, and melodic. Welcome to the musical space Ames has built using live sounds and compound lyrics. He inhabits the spaces with stories and rifs of life, and it’s all fresh, alive, and vibrant, with enough soul to want to listen to again.

“Patrick’s ethos for the Liveness album was to convey the energy of live performance so, from a mixing standpoint, we sought to leave in all the quirks and personality, particularly of the acoustic guitar. Strings twang and squeak, voices strain and break but it all works together to make for a more soulful record. Patrick is weaving together several different styles on this album, from bossa nova to slow jam to Gil Scott-Heron-inspired funk. The trick was to find that through-line to tie it all together and in the end, it was that “liveness”, that raw authenticity, that makes it feel like a cohesive record.” – Jon Ireson, Sound Engineer for Liveness


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