Tackling a cover of a renowned artist or composer is a tall task in and of itself, but when it’s pulled off in a new genre with high doses of originality and a spirit of exploration, it elevates and inspires the listener with a new piece of art – a worthy amalgamation of styles. House/electronic music producer and artist Paul Loeb recently chose to cover “October”, a track originally composed by the highly respected American composer Eric Whitacre in the year 2000. Despite the inherent challenges in attempting the piece, Paul succeeds on all fronts thanks to the support of Mr. Whitacre as well as his own strong sense of dynamic placement and melody.

Eric Whitacre himself has said of the piece, “Something about the crisp autumn air and the subtle changes in light always make me a little sentimental, and as I started to sketch I felt the same quiet beauty in the writing. The simple, pastoral melodies and the subsequent harmonies are inspired by the great English Romantics, as I felt this style was also perfectly suited to capture the natural and pastoral soul of the season. I’m happy with the end result, especially because I feel there just isn’t enough lush, beautiful music written for winds.

In what sounds like pure respect for the piece, Paul Loeb’s synths sound both natural and beautiful as they are massaged by a warm, gently pulsating rhythm. It sounds like Autumn indeed, and a time for celebration at that. “October” is a rare cover in that it succeeds in translating the same inspiring feel as the original. The production could not be better. Every sonic element dances on top of everything else – perfectly placed. It’s electronic music of this calibre that serve as good reasons to purchase high quality speakers.  To me, it’s immediately clear why Paul Loeb is so popular (currently he has over 1,700 listeners on Soundcloud alone.) He’s a seasoned veteran in his genre and it makes for a highly enjoyable listen.

Recommended for fans of quality house, electro or trance music.

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