Paul Maged Teams Up With Chris Sheldon of Foo Fighters Fame On 6th Rock Album

Paul Maged Teams Up With Chris Sheldon of Foo Fighters Fame On 6th Rock Album

NYC Singer Songwriter Paul Maged is outspoken and brimming with electrified melody on his new hard rocking new “Crossroads” EP, which finds him teaming up with Chris Sheldon of Foo Fighters fame for mixing. This versatile 5-track rock album is out August 19th on digital platforms. This marks Maged’s 6th album and first since his ambitious full-length opus, “Culture War” in 2020.

“I titled this album, ‘Crossroads’ because I’m at one personally and our country is at one as well. I wanted to explore the relationship between the internal struggle of every human and the external struggles of our society.”

Paul Maged has been a mainstay on the New York City music scene since the release of his album “Diamonds & Demons” in 2014, which was named #1 album of the year by Monoblogue Music. Since then, he has released a prolific streak of albums, EP’s and singles. His signature creative approach even balances socially conscious lyricism with deeply personal offerings. Through his diverse discography, the seasoned songwriting and superb musicianship is always evident.

New rock album “Crossroads” continues this evolution. On socially conscious, politically charged tracks like “Martyr War” and “Burn It to the Ground”, Paul is as fiery as a musical molotov cocktail. On “A Sudden Contrast”, he’s vulnerable, reflective and open to letting the light in. The album closes with the acoustic guitar driven melodic title track, “Crossroads”, a song that Maged says is about depression and suicidal thoughts.

Paul Maged Teams Up With Chris Sheldon of Foo Fighters Fame On 6th Rock Album

“I encourage anyone with those thoughts to try and talk to someone, anyone, before it’s too late. The song also has a hope, yearning and love throughout but only because I was able to come out the other side.”

Notably, Chris Sheldon of Foo Fighters fame mixed 4 of the 5 songs on the album. Chris mixed the Foo Fighter‘s breakthrough rock album The Colour and the Shape. With this collaboration, Paul’s music has never sounded better. Fans of artists ranging from Foo Fighters and Billy Joel to Green Day, Pearl Jam and Weezer should enjoy Paul’s wide-ranging music.

Stream “Crossroads” on Spotify.

Watch the title track’s official music video.

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