Paul Supreme is an Artistic Chameleon on New Single “Ninja Sword”

Paul Supreme is an artistic chameleon on "Ninja Sword"

Paul Supreme is an artistic chameleon on his metaphor and hook-heavy new single “Ninja Sword”, our June 2nd on streaming platforms. “Ninja Sword” continues Paul’s creative evolution, combing an adventurous wit with an innovative, freewheeling approach to combining genres and textures to maximum effect.

Smartly uniting masterful versatility with an unwavering passion for music in all of its forms, artist and songwriter Paul Supreme brings an edge of intention, personality, and outright presence to modern music. Somewhere beyond the edge of pop, electronic, and hip hop experimentation, his spirit thrives.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Paul was first introduced to the music industry through his immensely talented father, Dennis Flemion, who played in a band called The FrogsThe Frogs earned the respect and admiration of grunge heroes like Eddie VedderKurt Cobain and Billy Corgan. As a result, Paul was around some of the biggest names in the industry as a young boy.

Seeing the true personalities of these major artists and seeing them as people impacted Paul. All these experiences with such big celebrities of the era taught Paul a mantra that he lives by today: “I don’t care who you are when I meet you, I will never put anyone on a pedestal, nor will I ever look at anyone as lower than me. You could be Drake and I wouldn’t be in awe. I’d be like what up Aubrey. And if you were a bum on the street, I’d listen to you and help you if I could if that’s what you were seeking. No one knows what the true purpose of life is and we all share that. You could be the richest person or the poorest, but we all go to the same place. Drake and I will both return to the earth; he just might put his money in the grave while I wouldn’t.” 

Paul Supreme is an artistic chameleon on "Ninja Sword"

Paul Supreme‘s music path began in his university days, leading to the creative output of hip hop groups The Novus Future and The Caskets, the latter of which was fueled by ample amphetamines and psychedelic drugs. After the death of his father from a tragic accident, Paul’s life changed as he entered the grips of a 10 year ‘dark night of the soul’.

After emerging as a solo artist and taking on the moniker Paul Supreme, a term used to define his new-found strength and personal power, Paul has released two full-length albums and a prolific string of singles. With “Ninja Sword”, Paul showcases both his heady life experience and his equally hefty sense of humor and ability to laugh at life, including himself and his own relationships.

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