Pewee In The Garage is a unique solo project from Jakarta, Indonesia – all the work of one woman who uses music as an escape from her daily life. The results are surprisingly good on tracks such as “Menage a Quatre”, where the groove soothes and the vocals sound like early Massive Attack on tracks such as “Protection”. There is emotion and openness in Pewee’s music. “Parallel Life” brilliantly layers beats over themselves as the vocals head into more gentle, angelic territory. Genuinely uplifting work. Pewee plays a warm, melodic form of electronic music.

As you scour Pewee In The Garage’s catalogue, you realize just how busy this artist has been and you wonder how she gets it all done while still maintaining her daily responsibilities. All of it is high quality and ready for the mainstream, to boot. She is growing a strong following on her Soundcloud and Reverbnation pages, but I’m surprised that more people haven’t turned on to this artist. Pewee even covers Adele’s “Someone Like You” and the results are expectedly charming. Her covers are excellent but her originals are even better. Pewee’s voice is vulnerable and refreshingly honest. This is unsung talent that deserves to catch on.

Find out more about Pewee In The Garage at her Soundcloud page.

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