Phil Jones is a lyric-driven rock singer/songwriter who hails from Kauai, Hawaii. He’s the type of artist I instantly respect because of the genuine nature of the music and the lyrics. He is naturally a “truth sayer”. Like the great philosophical songwriters and lyricists of our time like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Sprinstein, Phil Jones typically writes about positive change, politics, human rights, love, redemption, and personal growth. It’s artists like Mark Lanegan and Leonard Cohen that come to mind when listening to Phil’s deep, raspy baritone, although he has his own distinct tone.

With subtle electronic elements guiding the dark acoustic composition “The Perfect Wave”, Phil tells haunting tales and delivers some serious warnings before the progression lifts for the chorus, and the brilliant line “I’m sending out the perfect wave” emerges. It’s not often I’ll post a full passage, but I have to in this case. These are some of the best lyrics I’ve read in a long time, taken from “The Perfect Wave”:

“Can you hear what karma say?
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