“Brand new day and it’s looking good. It feels like I can breathe again.”

Nothing at all wrong with some revival and positivity in my books. I can agree with the sentiment. Independent newcomer Pia Dean shows some real promise on her new collaboration with vocalist Caroline Langford, the sunny and emotive “Maybe”. Langford’s unique vocal delivery brings a unique, soulful quality to the piece, and you tend to believe the emotion expressed. There are hints of Etta James here and a modern sound that somehow sounds instantly classic.

Pia Dean’s songwriting is subtle and warm. A talented guitar player, Dean creates a perfect backdrop for Caroline Langford to tell the tale. Everything compliments everything else; the bittersweet mood is communicated effortlessly through each instrument and production choice. Not amateur work by any means, and it should undoubtedly lead to a full length release. “Maybe” is Pia’s first single and it is currently available on iTunes. You can also hear it, as well as more of her music, on Pia’s Reverbnation page.

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