Pop Rock Singer Songwriter Adam Randy Reclaims his Mojo on “Don’t Play”

Pop Rock Singer Songwriter Adam Randy

Pop Rock Singer Songwriter Adam Randy is all about the hooks on hyper-catchy, anthemic new single “Don’t Play”, out May 23rd on streaming platforms. Lyrically, the song serves as a stark warning not to play games when it comes to love, while the music is danceable, futuristic and filled to the brim with multi-layered melodies. Over the driving rhythm of the track, Adam Randy uses multiple octaves to create the biting sound he was looking for. Part of the inspiration for the song came from one of Adam’s musical heroes, Neil Diamond.

“Don’t Play” seems penned by someone reflecting on past hurt, but having an uproariously fun time taking their power back over truly exuberant music. Adam’s playful, biting lyrics coupled with the almost robotic vocal technique prove that revenge is a dish best served icy and cool. For Adam, reluctantly revisiting past relationships has unearthed a pop rock musical gem. All in all, Adam Randy reclaims his mojo while delivering a masterclass of wry wit and song craftsmanship.

Pop Rock Singer Songwriter Adam Randy

Adam expands on how “Don’t Play” came about.

“I wanted to write, record and release a song that really rocked and had a driving beat and electric guitars mixed with strings, a bit different than most of my other songs. I got the idea for the music from an obscure Neil Diamond Song called “Diamond Girls” which has a similar vibe and arrangement. The message of the song is Don’t Play games with me or you’ll be sorry!”

Adam Randy’s previous pop rock release “Another Song” (October 2022) was played on radio stations worldwide and charted consistently in the Top 150 of Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) and reached the Top 10 in both the Euro Indie Chart and World Indie Chart.

“Don’t Play” features Adam Randy on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and keyboards. He is joined by Kenny Kingsborough on drums, bass and rhythm guitar, with Jon Wood contributing lead guitar. Fans of artists ranging from Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, The Moody Blues, Elton John and The Beatles should connect with this powerful new song.

Stream “Don’t Play” on Spotify.

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