International Superstar Adele has an interesting pre show superstition
International Superstar Adele has an interesting pre show superstition

We’ve talked a lot here about how best to market yourselves with image, quirky promotional ideas and a whole host of other cool tips and tricks. But sometimes, with the bigger bands, it’s the stuff they do once the gig offers come flooding in that really gets people talking. No, we’re not on about picking up a drug habit or inviting all the pretty girls from the show backstage – there are some FAR more interesting characters out there, we promise. Many artists have their own little pre-show rituals which they have to do every time they perform, for luck. These things are as natural to them as breathing. According to the magician Oliver B, we’re all a bit superstitious, because most of us believe in ‘magic’ or superstition to some extent, even if it’s subconscious. Bands aren’t just being ‘divas’ with their demands, often, they believe they’re jinxed if they don’t! So, what are bands doing for ‘luck’ that sets them apart? Here are just five of our favourites…

One Direction

They may not be everyone’s favourite band, and in fact, in some circles, they’re positively despised. But it doesn’t matter what you think of their music… it’s their alleged pre-show ritual that had us laughing! Now, it may only be online whispers, but there’s talk that the band actually share a bath together before they get on stage. That’s guaranteed to bring you closer together, but it’s up to you whether you lot want to get so ‘up close and personal!’

The Rolling Stones

You’d imagine these seasoned rockers to be a bit ‘rock and roll’, right? Well, not exactly. Rather than getting wasted, Keith Richards insists on having a Shepherd’s Pie before going onstage. He also has to be the only one to break the crust. And yes, as it happens, there has been an occasion where someone else accidentally did it for him. The result? He needed a new one to be cooked. Like, stat. The fans were made to wait…


Adele, the British lady with the A-MAZ-ING voice, suffers from stage fright. Proof it can indeed happen to us all! So, how does she combat this? Like a normal person, duh! She creates an alter ego for herself! Ummm… Yeah, so ‘Sasha Carter’, aka Adele (keep up!) gets that name from the one and only Beyoncé’s ’Sasha Fierce’ and country superstar June Carter combined. Whatever works, girl!


So she may not be the most credible artist, and you may not be super surprised by this, but Ke$ha has all of her entourage roll around in oil and glitter backstage before every show. Oil and glitter ONLY. Oh well, if she’s having fun!

Led Zeppelin

A cup of coffee to calm the nerves and wake you the hell up sounds pretty standard as far as superstitions go – that’s what the guys usually ask for, anyway. But Robert Plant in particular has a rather unique habit of asking for ‘space to iron his shirts’. We guess when you’re living the rock star lifestyle, the mundane life must seem pretty appealing. We can’t imagine why!



And there you have it. It pretty much seems that the ones who know the ropes are the calmest ones – who knew. We bet it’s because they know you’ve got to keep your head in the game to survive the time! But they’re not the only ones… check out these weird superstitions from around the world! You might reconsider being caught dead with chewing gum before a big show after reading these 😉

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What are your pre-show rituals? And could they help blow up your career?!

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