“Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings” is an electronica/dance track by popular New York/Long Island artist Domino Grey taken from his “Butterfly Affect Part 1: Facial Recognition Technology” release. In the vein of artists like Underworld, Juno Reactor, Chemical Brothers, Sphongle, and the Orb, Domino Grey has no trouble at all encouraging the dance impulse, but it’s the self-reflective, thoughtful impulse that he has just as strong a gaze towards.

You can break it down as follows:

“D.O.M.I.N.O. Dance Or Move In Natural Order

G.R.E.Y. Generate Rhythmic Energy Yourself”

“Primal Themes and the Beating of Wings” starts off with some very hypnotic trance samples, reminding me of the moods created in Araabmuzik’s latest release. Domino continues elevating the energy by incorporating new textures, and the beat remains consistent and dependable. This is music to walk to and contemplate your next move in life, to work to (as I am today), or to simple sink deep into with your good headphones on. It could even lend itself to meditation. Domino Grey’s music does an excellent job of coaxing the subconscious mind into action. He brings psychedelia and ethereal exploration into the club world.

This is highly recommended music for any dance/electronica/trance music fans.

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