Proud Creature's Opening Creature EP Cover
Proud Creature’s Opening Creature EP Cover

Proud Creature revels in otherworldly jazz, psychedelic, ambient and electronica music on ‘Opening Creature’ EP

We’re very pleased to introduce psychedelic electronica/jazz/ambient musician Proud Creature, solo moniker for Todd Brozman. Expect fluidity, tension, otherworldly mystique and serious groove as this seasoned creator seamlessly merges genres, the underlying experience becoming of paramount importance.

Proud Creature‘s new 5-track EP release Opening Creature leans into it’s sense of surrealism and should appeal to experimental ambient artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never and Future Sounds of London.

Listen to lead track Major Trouble via Soundcloud.

A Message from the Artist

Opening Creature EP reflects travels and explorations I’ve had over the past few years. I’m trying to capture the headspace that opens up when we venture out of our default mindset and into something broader and more abstract. For me, these spaces have been explored through travel, dreams, nature, and spiritual exploration. Musically, there’s lots of improvisation with eclectic instrumentation and non-traditional production techniques along with layerings of field recordings from travel, nature and religious prayer. Together, this creates an ethereal and otherworldly tone that underscores the broader themes of the album. As a whole, I am striving for something that feels alive, expansive, mysterious and alluring.

Over the past few years, I have gotten to create some great music with other artists. Now more than ever, I am inspired to release more music as a sole producer and instrumentalist. I hope you enjoy my first album as a solo artist.

More about Proud Creature

Todd Brozman is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer with roots in piano. He started playing piano at age 6 after convincing his mother to buy him a little demo Casio at an electronics store. He has always had a natural improvisational approach and his musical background is inspired in part by his father’s multi-genre 60’s and 70’s record collection.

At Wesleyan University, Todd had a radio show which exposed him to a lot of new electronic music and he got more involved in creating new music, fusing electronics and improvisational jazz. After college, he moved to the Bay Area and spent the following years gigging around SF and the greater Bay Area as a jazz pianist. After moving to New York ten years ago, Todd shifted his focus towards music production. He produced and recorded with some great collaborators. This notably includes co-producing with singer and producer KYOSi and creating and releasing music as part of the electronic improvisational duo Moon Casual alongside electronic musician and CG artist Mike Dunkley.

Proud Creature is his solo musical project, presenting ethereal and otherworldly compositions informed by jazz, ambient, electronica and psychedelic music.

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