Pure Order Spread Love to Worldwide Hip Hop Community on “Affinity”

Having described their new release as ‘a love letter to the worldwide Hip Hop community‘, Californian Hip Hop Duo Pure Order continue their righteous creative streak with heavy flows and downright sexy vibes on new single “Affinity”, out March 24, 2023 on streaming platforms. Pure Order, featuring gifted and conscious rappers Nemesis and God’s Gift, bring hip hop to a passionate future while paying tribute to classic, soulful artists like J Dilla and De La Soul.

The band shared a statement about “the new release: “Affinity is a sort of love song to hip hop and our worldwide hip hop community. It describes how creative elements are drawn together through powerful attraction to produce a colorful display of beauteous power that lasts indefinitely, such as that of a nebula created by the collision of the elements of a star during implosion. The beauty and longevity of a nebula being compared to our beloved Hip Hop is welcomed as we commemorate 50 years of this powerful cultural movement. Affinity also describes how God’s Gift and Nemesis relate to each other artistically-as energies different in nature, bound in common values, & creatively powerful together. Along with featured comrade Bread of Kaliwild, we hope Affinity showcases the pleasure and ease of hip hop creativity when those who come together to create it do so in true love & respect for the culture and for each other.”

The acclaimed Hip Hop Duo recently launched a new line of clothing and merchandise at their official store.

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