The 2005 cult movie “Waiting” may have had a quick stint in the theatres and passed some of us by rather quickly as well, but it certainly struck a nerve in the service industry, where it still holds the test of time today as their “Office Space” equivalent. Taking the inspiration from both this film as well as the legendary musical comedy pioneer Weird Al Yankovic, Josie and Curtis Epperson’s project Push the Fish was born. After years of being yelled at, put down, spat on, abused and ripped off by customers, it seems like the most logical payback is this quirky music project, where the dynamic duo get to vent as much as they please. They’ve appropriately deemed it “comedy music for the restaurant industry”, and it should win them many followers who’ve gone through the same experiences.

Push the Fish’s new album called “Tipping is for Everyone” ranges in style from pop to r& b to ballads to rock – they leave no stone unturned. Buy the album here. You can also check out their new music video for “15 Percent”, which explores the rock ballad genre and laments that “15 percent is too much to hope for”. Funny stuff!

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