Richie Val‘s single “Burning The Candle (At Both Ends)” is a well crafted tune that reminds me of Steve Earle, and even the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  It’s dances a tight rope between rock and country music, which would fit it perfectly into the adult contemporary category.

The guitar work is absolutely superb.  The blues rock solo in the middle is spot on and Richie knows how to tell a story with his instrument.  The lyrics do a stellar job of carrying this music.

“Burning The Candle” is a very general song in terms of subject matter and I mean this in a positive way.  The lyrics are very relate-able, and I think anybody who reads them will remember a time where they felt the exact same way as Richie.  This, to me, is good songwriting.  I always appreciate a song that wears it’s emotions on it’s sleeve, instead of tucking it in their pocket.

Richie sings with an almost wistful air, and uses his voice quite well.   There is a raw honesty to his music here, and I think any music fan will hear it right away.  As far as audience is concerned, I’m sure that fans of classic music would thoroughly enjoy “Burning The Candle.”  Especially fans in their later years who would definitely relate to the concept of time passing by faster than you can see it.

In a way, it’s a sad song, but not entirely.  It contains an element of hope, which is another theme that’s easy to relate to.  This would be the perfect track to play after a long day at the office.  “Burning The Candle”  might help you shrug and laugh it off, then look to the next day in a positive light.

Review by Scott Taylor

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