Rock and Roll Eras Combine On Patty & The Oh’s New Single

Rock and Roll Band Patty & The Oh’s masterfully combine many eras and styles on addictive, biting new single “Useless Love”. It’s clear upon first listen that this is a band who pride themselves on taking influence from the entire history of rock and roll music.

“Useless Love” has the strangely familiar vibe of a 50’s style Ritchie Valens or Buddy Holly number mixed with early 90’s alternative rock in 2022. The recurring melody on “Useless Love” is a Stylophone being played by Dune Butler. Listeners will notice a signature darkness and wry wit in vocalist/guitarist Patrick Weatherly‘s lyricism, delivered through a mischevious croon. Because of the well-crafted songwriting and polished rock and roll sound, the drop of poison goes down smooth like honey.

Part of what gives Patty & The Oh’s their unique sonic signature is being a cross-regional band, with Patrick Weatherly hailing from Alabama and the rest of the group calling Seattle home. The songs were also produced and recorded in Seattle.

“Useless Love” is one of three songs that have been released publicly (see also New Flavor of Gum and Societal Collapse Doo Wop) by the band. These three songs are all a part of a forthcoming full-length rock and roll album, titled “Out of Everything”.

Artist Biography:
Patty & The Oh’s is an American Rock and Roll band that writes songs that are relevant now. They speak to the world we live in, yet at the same time call to mind countless influences from past decades of Rock and Roll and Pop Rock music. Their songs are both fun and thoughtful, and there’s surface with depth underneath.

Patty & The Oh’s is made up of Patrick Weatherly, songwriter and singer from North Alabama, and Seattle musicians Dune Butler, William Mapp, and Charles Wicklander.

Their new album, Out of Everything, is forthcoming.

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