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Successful Rock Music Promotion Puts You & Your Music Center Stage

Independent Music Promotions is recognized worldwide as a leading rock music promotion company. Our mantra is “music with depth”, meaning we selectively represent artists who stand apart from the crowd. Our carefully chosen clients benefit from the strong relationships we have cultivated with top industry media outlets.

I.M.P rock music promotion DELTA DEEP ft Phil Collens of Def Leppard, Rob DeLeo of STP, Forrest Robinson and Debbi Blackwell-Cook

I.M.P rock music promotion artists DELTA DEEP ft Phil Collens of Def Leppard, Rob DeLeo of STP, Forrest Robinson and Debbi Blackwell-Cook

Rock Music Promotion with a Purpose

I.M.P. does more than just plaster your band’s name and music all over the internet. We strategically plan a promotional campaign for you. It is our goal to build your presence locally, nationally and internationally.

By utilizing traditional methods, such as print articles, and new media, such as internet magazines, we begin by drawing attention to your band. Our network of mainstream and freelance writers create articles about you to pique the interest of rock music listeners. The buzz generated convinces people to listen to your music by either purchasing your music or seeing you live.

The Success of IMP’s Rock Music Promotion

Independent Music Promotion has been representing unique rock music artists since 2010. Our clients are based throughout the world, each of them enjoying high quality press and promotion. We are the only rock music promotion company to guarantee our results.

Click here to see our current roster of clients with rock music PR campaigns. You can also find links to some of their press and media:

Delta Deep (U.S.A)

Monks of Mellonwah (Australia)

The Lost Poets (Rock) (Sweden)

The Society Islands (Germany)

The Slang (U.S.A)

The Lockhearts (Australia)

Arc and Stones (U.S.A)

Time and Energy (U.S.A)

Ras Xix (U.S.A)

Beijing (U.S.A)

Direct Divide (U.S.A)

Grown Up Avenger Stuff (U.S.A)

Odd Hours (U.S.A)

A Primitive Evolution (Canada)

Plastic Yellow Band (U.S.A)

Paul Maged (U.S.A)

Dimestore Prophets (U.S.A)


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