Consider your faith renewed. Rock n’ roll is alive, well, and as vibrant as it ever was. When I heard the news about Paul McCartney’s live performance with the surviving members of Nirvana I was naturally excited, having a deep love for both bands and their contributions to music. Finding out the track was an original was a surprise, and then hearing how heavy it turned out was another. The recent performance of “Cut Me Some Slack” at the Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert evoked a loose and sludgy “Helter Skelter” feel, and the performance was inspired. What a perfect match. And the song was written just the day before…this 4-piece could bust out an album within a month I’d guess.

Naturally, there were message board folks who complained about the event for various reasons…but it’s clear that most rock fans are celebrating this momentous occasion. The track is not necessarily inspiring because of it’s lyrical content, but because of it’s rock and roll spirit, which is off the charts and enough to remind you why music is so important, so critical to human beings. Hats off to Sir Paul and Nirvana for a stellar achievement.

The studio version is well worth a purchase. Check it out below. It SAILS, and it’s available via iTunes.

Watch the original concert footage below.


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