With a promotional phrase “the world’s oldest living garage band”, The fundaMentals immediately caught my interest. I don’t know for certain if this claim could possibly be verified by an outside authority such as the Guiness Book of World Records, but it would mean serious publicity for the band if so. A 5-piece band all sporting stage names, the goal is pure fun and maybe a dash of recklessness. Listening to “I Do It All For Rock n’ Roll”, the production value is low but the song actually kicks ass.

Witty, self-defacing lyrics and a raw Sex Pistols/The Hives style musical backdrop with fuzzed out guitars and a danceable beat make for a surprisingly inspiring listen. “Tick Tick Boom” shares the same production issue, but it’s arguably even more catchy and well-written than it’s predecessor. The vocals are reminiscent of an old blues man who is more naturally badass than most young acts who try too hard – raspy and whiskey soaked like Tom Waits. The fundeMentals may have a ways to go before they’re considered fully professional, but in my eyes the talent, spirit, and cutting humour are all perfectly intact. I would much rather see them live than the latest garage band half their age – the fundaMentals just seem like they generally mean business. Somebody get these guys in a top notch studio and call the media about this oldest band claim!

Check out the fundeMentals for yourself at their Official website or Reverbnation pages.

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