Romanian vocalist and producer Anita Ramona simply stuns on new Zen-inspired Electronic Pop single “Entrance”, where she waxes philosophical, crooning over bumping house beats a lyrical mantra of fearlessness. It’s a superb track especially considering this is a relative newcomer on the music scene.

About the single, Anita says:

“After some years of activity in styling, fashion design, photography and illustration, I finally decided to embrace music. Being inspired by a lifelong passion for music and by other musicians that I worked with, I decided to become a vocalist and music producer.

I am happy to present my second single “Entrance” that was released yesterday, where I explore new territories and sonic directions. I think the main influences here are house and pop music, while the lyrics are inspired from zen culture. For me the process of music production in an ethereal journey of self discovery.”

In the cool breeze of stars
I gaze upon the path unwalked
There is no door, but all is locked

No desire, no fear
Over, and through me, clearly

Flying over ships of light
Going to the end of time
Translucent feet above the ground

No desire, no fear
Over, and through me, clearly

Watch the music video below:

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