We get press for every single one of our artists. And unlike many PR’s, we even get press for ourselves! I.M.P and James Moore have been featured in dozens of publications, from majors such as Sonicbids, ASCAP, Music Think Tank, and Bandzoogle to Dotted Music, Target Audience Magazine, I Am Entertainment, Musicperk, Just Go, Blog Critics and Vandala Magazine.

Getting quality press coverage is difficult for any indie artist trying to promote themselves in an already crowded marketplace. James Moore really gets your music in front of the right people for maximum exposure. He exceeded my expectations, especially when he got me a feature in the Huffington Post! Working with James was just the boost I needed to take my career to next level.
Adam Reifsteck
Label Owner/Musician / Teknofonic Records

I.M.P is an important music firm dedicated to promote underground artists.
DJ/Music Blogger / Electrowow Music Blog

” I am very pleased with the amount of press James obtained for our compilation release “pretty sweet stuff”. We opted for one of his lower-cost promotional packages and if one Googles “Mike comfort pretty sweet stuff”, that’s all James and independent music promotions. It is my opinion that this is a lot of press for a small amount of money.

There are many companies on the Internet that offer independent music promotion, but we chose James because of his solid reputation in the industry. We did our homework and simply could not find one negative article about him anywhere on the Internet. I also like the fact that he was very responsive and took time to thoroughly answer any questions we had. We will be using James and independent music productions for a new project we are working on once it is finished. Thank you for all your hard work James.”

Mike Comfort
Musician / Mike Comfort

When I was preparing the release of my second EP I was looking for a much different result and experience than I had with my first. Which was basically, no result at all! I found James Moore and he far exceeded my expectations. He knows the landscape of the media and blogs and understands what it’s like to be an independent artist in todays music biz. His work gave my album the chance I felt it deserved, to be heard, and built a foundation upon which I can now grow as an artist. I’m now excited to go back into the studio as I know that, with Jame’s help my music will not fall on deaf ears!
Andy Blunda
Musician / Blunda

I have no doubt in my mind that James Moore is one hell of a stand-up guy and tirelessly-devoted servant to the music-scene in all areas & genres. A man of character and drive, with an in-depth understanding of music I can truly respect.
Company Owner/Music Blogger / Sleeping Bag Studios

“We are constantly wowed by your consistent outreach. You and your team are fantastic! Just when we think we’ve got it all there’s another full run of many brand new press clips from top notch media at that. We surely wouldn’t have such a diverse audience at this point if it wasn’t for your due diligence week in and week out. Contacting you was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you!”
Helen L. Collen
Road Manager / Delta Deep

James helped us to give our farewell album a sendoff to be remembered. He brought in over 15K new ears, from all over the world, for one last, sublime hurrah.
Steven Luscher
Musician / Lakefield

The single biggest mistake bands make is not having a strong, visible presence online and in the press. They work hard to write and record, gig, and market themselves effectively, but labels and potential fans have no idea who they are. If this is a problem you’ve had, you need to contact James Moore at IMP. A great publicist is NOT easy for indie bands to come by in this industry, and a great AFFORDABLE one is almost unheard of. James is friendly, well-connected, and most of all has an obvious passion for his work. When Larusso hired James, we were skeptical; we’d never used a professional publicist before and in all honesty the affordable rates at which he works made me wonder if IMP was going to be even close to on par with the publicists in this industry that charge upwards of $10,000 for a few weeks of outreach. After working with James on the critical mass campaign, we won’t think twice about using any other company again. Not only did we receive insane amounts of press in some of our favorite publications, the connections we made as a result of James’ outreach branched out into new networking and promotional opportunities for our band. You can’t take the next step in your music career without a presence in the entertainment media, so give IMP a shout! I can absolutely guarantee there is no better choice for an indie band around right now.
Justin Trombetti
Musician / Larusso

“It’s rare to find competence like James’s. The attention he gave EndAnd has been more than satisfying. We are musicians who have no inclination to take on the role of promoters…or advisors, managers and or A&R personal which James has been to us. We got more then we bargained for.”
Daniel Fern
Musician / EndAnd

“Any artist creating unusual and interesting music should look into working with Independent Music Promotions. James Moore has a very unique perspective on the music industry, and this makes him a great fit for the type of artists he prefers to work with. He is one of the only people working in music who is willing to simply tell it exactly as it is. James gave me a much clearer picture of how the modern industry actually works, and he is filled with useful advice. He is also a great publicist who has a talent for getting fringe music featured in many different types of publications.”
Gabriel Riccio
Musician / The Gabriel Construct

Independent Music Promotions is a compelling indie artist’s greatest friend. If you’ve got the goods, you have two options; Pay an insufferably overpriced publicist that will provide you a decidedly poor return on investment, or call James Moore. As a musician himself and as someone who’s been in the trenches for two decades, he’s fully cognizant how difficult fighting the good fight and securing online publicity can be. James over delivers on every promotion, works within your budgetary constraints and is easily accessible to the client throughout the entire process. He has the relationships and respect necessary to help you get to the next level in a timely fashion. I highly recommend James and Independent Music Promotions for your next project!
Andy Gesner
Owner and President / HIP Video Promo

James @ IMP is personable, professional, and is rooting for you to make it happen.
Cali Blake

IMP did a superb job for us! It’s great to know that you are truly a promotions company that we can count on to deliver the goods.
Wayne Hoefle
Musician / Winter Calling

“James Moore is a first-rate music industry professional, who is well-connected, who knows great music, and who has the contacts to get your music into the right hands. Independent Music Promotions carefully crafts the resources desired by independent artists who are looking for press or media placement in blogs, magazines, websites, and major publications. I.M.P. works with a love and passion for the music that they expose to the world, carefully selecting artists who have something to say and give back to the world of music, laboring soundly and deliberately to the end of not only growing a base of followers for the artists they serve, but truly attracting publicity from all angles, securing hard-to-find interviews, reviews, and features from publications that place unestablished artists alongside established, well-known acts. The end results are amazing and impressive. I would absolutely recommend the services of James Moore and Independent Music Promotions to any musician or artist looking to take the next step in their career. In coordination with your music and vision, James and I.M.P can deliver solid results and jumpstart your campaign or movement with a caring and guiding hand.”
Chuckie Campbell

I would definitely recommend working with James Moore. With a one month critical mass campaign we received over 15 reviews, previews and other press. Moore took the job seriously and we got the results we were expecting.
Robyn Jacob
Musician / Only A Visitor

“I’m more then happy to recommend Independent Music Promotions to deliver on what they promise. What James Moore does is unique; he works with carefully chosen independent artists on a one on one format to music web sites, blogs and magazines that are well-respected.”
Music Industry Blogger / Jabberdi

I had been shopping around for a PR company that could help me extend my music and my reach out to blogs and media when I came across Independent Music Promotions. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but they really do deliver! From weekly updates to making sure that all my information is correct and sent to relevant sites and organizations, they were everything I could have hoped for. The team itself is personalized and interested in helping you out as a musician regardless of your genre, and they do a great job at getting the word out and helping make your music known.
Seneca B
Musician / Seneca B

Odd Hours honestly wanted to work with I.M.P. because James offered a guarantee for the service — we also liked his philosophy and apparent depth of clients and experience. We liked him doubling on his promise for reviews and online magazine articles. We would recommend him for your future projects.
Odd Hours
Band / Odd Hours

True Groove Records highly recommends I.M.P. We’ve been working with James Moore and IMP for four years now and he has continuously surpassed our expectations — achieving fabulous results for our flagship artists Tomás Doncker Band, Marla Mase, Lael Summer and Kevin Jenkins. All you have to do is google any of these names and you will see what IMP has made happen for us. With 6 upcoming releases in the next two months IMP will be very busy promoting True Groove — what we love most about James/IMP is their tireless efforts to promote music with depth and the integrity with which they work. Unlike most PR companies, IMP promises and delivers. A colleague who we referred IMP to, called IMP, her “secret weapon.” Oh well, we’re letting the cat out of the bag so go ahead and watch your career go the next level. Marla Mase and Tomás Doncker
Marla Mase and Tomás Doncker
Artists & Founders of True Groove Records / True Groove Records

“James Moore will provide you with all of the tools to help get your music out to the masses.”
Michael Friedman

What Artists Say About Us:

“If you are a band or artist with some potential, James Moore knows how to create a lot of noise about you. Through his contacts in the industry he is able to get your music listened to and reviewed by some of the industries top online and print blogs and magazines.” Chris de la Hoyde; Manager: Monks of Mellonwah (

“When James Moore said that we would get more then we bargained for we never thought is would be this good.” – Rooftop Runners (

“James Moore is the rare individual in the music business that not only does tremendous work for the artists he represents, but truly respects his clients, proving you can have both a heart and a brain in this industry.  We highly recommend his services and his book, Your Band is a Virus, to any musician with serious aspirations in music; both are worth every penny.” – BJ Fitzgerald, The Ill Funk Ensemble (

“Any artist creating unusual and interesting music should look into working with Independent Music Promotions.  James Moore has a very unique perspective on the music industry, and this makes him a great fit for the type of artists he prefers to work with.  He is one of the only people working in music who is willing to simply tell it exactly as it is.” -Gabriel Riccio of The Gabriel Construct (

“After releasing my first album as a leader, I spent many months contacting reviewers with little response until I found Independent Music Promotions. Once I delegated all of that hard work to James Moore, I was getting more results and attention faster than I had anticipated.” – Joan Torres from Joan Torres’s All Is Fused (

“It’s rare to find competence like James’s. We got more then we bargained for.” – Daniel Fern, EndAnd (

“I would highly recommend Independent Music Promotions for any independent band looking to get their music noticed.” – Mattias Cederstam, Slim Loris, (

“Our band (The Barrens) was referred to James Moore by EndAnd. After seeing their success we decided to take a chance hiring him for his services. It didn’t take long at all–we got results that we couldn’t get anywhere else: album reviews, interviews, and new fans all around the world. James is very well-connected with the industry and he also provides quality customer service, making us feel at ease and respected as artists.” – Debbie Chou, The Barrens (

“James is a great guy and a true professional. He has the knowledge and the passion to create great results. I am really glad that we met and we are working together and I cannot thank him enough.” – Katrin the Thrill (

“After self releasing 4 albums with no real publicity follow up, I decided I needed to try something different for my 5th. Instead of doing all the work myself, this time I hired James Moore.  I have had so many good write ups as a result of his campaign, a few new facebook fans and a producer even offered to remix one of my songs through the campaign. I highly recommend his services for an independent musician who wants results.” – Nehedar (

What The Industry Says About Us

“I’m more then happy to recommend Independent Music Promotions to deliver on what they promise. What James Moore does is unique; he works with carefully chosen independent artists on a one on one format to music web sites, blogs and magazines that are well-respected.” –

“One of music promotions brightest minds (and as it turns out) nicest guys.” – Joshua Liston, DIY Music Movement

“James is an honest and hard working promoter of some of the best upcoming indie talents in the world.” – Music Notez Magazine

“James Moore will provide you with all of the tools to help get your music out to the masses.” – SKOPE Magazine

“I’ve been working with James for nearly a year now, and we’ve worked together to strengthen our abilities to help bands and entrepreneurs obtain viable exposure for their music and art. James Moore is a knowledgeable independent music industry professional.” – Jordannah Elizabeth

An ethical promoter with a great belief in personal relationships and no short-cuts.” – Global Musicians Fishpond

“One of the unsigned music industry’s largest names.” – The Music Magazine

“I’m very proud to recommend James Moore from Independent Music Promotions to offer you some of the most cost effective PR packages available today.”  – Andrew Muller, The Real Musician

“Moore demonstrate an extensive knowledge of music production and DIY marketing strategies, and his experience comes through very clearly in his writing.”  – Un Nom De Guerre

“James teaches you how to Market your band in the 21st century and take advantage of the promotional tools available online and exactly how to get the most out of them with fresh tactics and everything you could possibly need with DIY Promotion and Marketing.” – The Moshpit Music

“Unlike many PR companies, James guarantees x amount of responses in the media for a band’s campaign & in turn brings x amount of responses, let alone at some very affordable rates.” – Aaron Joy Rock Interviews

“IMP is essential for any artist that truly wants to develop their brand name.” – Douglas Garnett aka GALILEE of VOD Recordings

“Moore remains brutally honest in the best way possible, explains what you need to do, while setting realistic expectations and never sugarcoating the truth.” – Nanobot Rock

“With his heart deeply rooted into the soil of musician’s advocacy, James Moore has established himself as one of the few remaining folks who continue to devote their careers in order to support independent and DIY artists all over.” – Indie, Bikes & Beer

“James has years of knowledge and knows how to help guide your band to the next level.” – Enigma Magazine

“Without a high quality music promotion campaign to support and guide you, you could easily fall through the cracks, and this is exactly what the PR pioneers over at Independent Music Promotions aim to combat!” – All the Rage UK

“James lays the foundation every indie, DIY band needs to survive in the digital age.” – Joshua Smotherman, MidTNMusic

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