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Electronic music PR from Independent Music Promotions supports infinite artistic freedom through it’s many forms. Far from merely a dance floor art, Independent Music Promotions believes that electronic music is truly an evolutionary tool for the mind. From Massive Attack, Amon Tobin, Juno Reactor, deadmau5 and The Future Sound Of London to Aphex Twin, Underworld, Portishead and Boards of Canada, there’s no limit to it’s possibilities. We’re proud to work with intelligent electronic artists of all subgenres.

Totemic (Deep House, Progressive House) (Canada) (featured in Substream Magazine, Label Obscura, Vancouver Weekly, etc)

Slack Armada (Ambient, Downtempo Electronic, Shoegaze, Post-rock) (U.S.A) (featured in the Huffington PostMusic-news.comStereofox, etc)

Dark Model (Orchestral Electronic/Hybrid/EDM) (U.S.A) (featured in Elektro DailyThe DJ ListMagnetic Magazine, DJZ, etc)

Sound Strider (IDM, Techno, Glitch Hop) (Germany/France) (featured on Future ClassicsElectro WowSputnik Music, etc)

Esquille (EDM) (Sweden) (featured in JoonbugWhatCultureHiplanta, etc)

The Devine Xperience (Electronic/EDM/Breaks) (U.S.A) (featured in the DJ List, Tilt Magazine, Death by Electro, etc)

Aubergine Machine (Downtempo/Pop/Electronic) (U.S.A) (featured in Audio Emitthe DJ ListEQ Music BlogMagnetic Magazine, etc)

Kbit (Downtempo/Breakbeat) (Australia) (featured in Wordkrapht, DJZ, etc)

Geiko (Electronic/Darkwave) (Switzerland) (featured in Examiner.com, Empty Lighthouse, etc)

Simon Field (House/EDM) (Norway) (featured in Magnetic Magazine, Drop the Beatz, etc)

Rooftop Runners (Downtempo/Electronic) (Germany) (featured in Adequacy.net, Lithium Magazine, etc)

Eluusif (EDM/Dubstep) (London, UK) (featured in Tilt Magazine, Empty Lighthouse, etc)

My Woshin Mashin (Electronic/Industrial) (Russia/Germany) (featured in NBHAPBrutal Resonance, Lithium Magazine, etc)

Aurganic (Electronic/Crossover) (Canada/U.S.A) (featured in Indie ShuffleIX DailyObscure Sound, etc)

Chains of Logic (Dubstep) (U.S.A) (featured in The Future.fm, Obscure Sound, etc)

DJ Will: E (Progressive House) (U.S.A) (featured in EDMSauce)

Ready Never (EDM) (U.S.A) (featured in Empty Lighthouse, DJZ, etc)

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