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I.M.P Hip Hop Artist Frank Peters

I.M.P Hip Hop Artist Frank Peters

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For those of you not familiar with the true depth of hip hop music, we highly recommend checking out Ice T’s comprehensive and inspired documentary “The Art Of Rap“. Hip Hop is pure expression at it’s most visceral, dark, celebratory and hopeful all at once. From Public Enemy, Dead Prez, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, and the Beastie Boys to the Underachievers, ASAP Rocky, Mos Def, Flatbush Zombies and Danny Brown, innovation is everywhere once you turn off the radio. Independent Music Promotions is proud to embrace the best hip hop artists and help them find their audience through our comprehensive hip hop PR services.

Frank Peters (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in Rhyme Junkie, Pure Dope Magazine, The Source, etc)

The Ill Funk Ensemble (Hip Hop/R&B) (U.S.A) (featured in Amped SoundsMusicperkThe Music Mag, etc)

Vision the Kid & Tru (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in Yo! Raps, The Source, Insomniac Magazine, etc)

The Voices Of Terror (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in The Source, Hip Hop Ruckus, Hiplanta, etc)

Klassik (Hip Hop/Jazz) (U.S.A) (featured in Kevin NottinghamExaminer, etc)

We R The Lost (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in Pure Dope Magazine, So Raspy, Blkdmnds, etc)

Chuckie Campbell (Hip Hop/Conscious Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in the Huffington PostYoung HollywoodIX DailyMusic-newsMute Magazine, etc)

Stevie Bucks (Hip Hop) (Canada) (featured in Obscure Sound, The Source, etc)

Dave Childz (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in Swurv Radio, Street Khemistry, etc)

Ooggz (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in Local Suicide, Insomniac Magazine, The Source, etc)

Seneca B (Hip Hop/Instrumental) (U.S.A) (featured in Pure Dope Magazine, Infinite Magazine, etc)

16 Knapper (Hip Hop/Instrumental) (The SourceEarmilkHiphopnometryFuture Classicsthe DJ List, etc)

Julian Rhine (Hip Hop/Pop) (U.S.A) (featured in The Source, TheFuture.fm, Guest of a Guest, etc)

Jelani Lateef (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in Rapsheet, The Source, etc)

Bossiie (Hip Hop/Trap) (England, UK) (featured in EarmilkPop City Life, etc)

superHero (Hip Hop) (U.S.A) (featured in The Source, Insomniac Magazine, etc)

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